My Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Film: “A Boy and His Dog”

One of the the worthless cats* woke me up too early, so I ended up re-watching a favorite old film, “A Boy and His Dog“.  It never fails to cheer me up or chill me out!

A minor snip of Wikipoedia on it:

Blood’s opinion of the human race is not generally positive, and Blood is somewhat of a misanthrope. His opinion of humans may have something to do with the fact that Blood is most likely the most intelligent and learned living thing left in the world, and he looks down upon the “stupidity” of humans. In addition, Blood notes that “human sex is an ugly thing”. Blood does however have a more positive outlook on life in general, and believes in a place untouched by nuclear radiation he heard about from a police dog. Blood refers to this place at various times as “Over The Hill” and the “Promised Land“, where “deer and the antelope play and it’s warm and clean and we can relax and have fun, and grow food right out of the ground.” Blood wants to look for “Over The Hill” with Vic, but Vic does not entertain it as a sensible suggestion. Vic states that their current situation is as good as it gets, and there is no “Over The Hill.”

What can I say,  except to mention that:

    • “Harlan Ellison is God” (or at least should be)
    • Footage from “A Fistfull of Rawhide” is featured
    • I’ve got to expand that Wiki entry
    • I don’t know another film with both both Jason Robards and ‘Mr. Kimble’ from “Green Acres” in it (please correct me if I’m wrong).

I keep it on the DVD stack next to “Harold and Maude“, “M” and other classic films.

* worthless, that is, until I need an emergency food source.  “The secret is in the marinade!”


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