Natural Gas Funnies!

I got home from work (and last minute Xmas shopping) last night to find that my natural gas had been shut off despite my having made an electronic payment the previous Thursday (thanks sooo much Bank of OK for futzing around!).

Knowing that I’d already paid the damned bill I did the logical thing, and tried to turn it back on at the cut-off valve next to the meter: no dice!  No gas would flow.  So I fired up the electric blanket and put on a sweatshirt for the rest of the evening (only got down to 40F or so) and called the gas company after they opened again in the morning. 

I did find out how they’d dudded my natural gas when they reconnected it:  the pillaging bastages, in addition to just turning off the cut-off valve (shown circled in red, on = the lug aligned with the pipe, as shown) also installed a plug, in the form of a little disk, under the outlet pipe of the gas meter (that would be the pipe at the upper right of the meter, circled in green).  All it took was a quick twist with a pipe wrench.

If you ever do need to turn your gas back on in an emergency, don’t forget to check for that sneaky little plug (and remember to use some soapy water to check for leaks afterward).  The meter will record your “purchase” either way, but you won’t have to wait for The Man to show up, especially since you already paid, right?


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