Oklahoma: Not Last (Yet)

I’ve tried to keep this blog restricted to DIY & science/technology topics, but recently a problem has cropped up.

The problem is Oklahoma. I live here and always have.

But, oy! We have a governor now that’s an absolute stink-whore to the far right wing, a legislature that’s a collective dumb-ass and a rural/religious electorate that wants to  stick ultrasound probes in the vaginas of women (while claiming that government is too intrusive regarding 2nd Amendment issues, taxation and other impersonal stuff), outlaw sharia law (as if it was in danger of catching on), increase tax givaways, slash taxation… and ABSOLUTELY STARVE PUBLIC EDUCATION!

Remember to enjoy your “open carry” rights… too bad your kids are inadequately educated to get any job worth having.
Pretty much guarantees a permanent GOP majority, doesn’t it? Non-critical thinkers left to feed and breed and vote against their own interests, like cattle.

Dammit all to hell, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE LUNATARDS? Do they even qualify as human beings any more? Yee-fricken-haw.






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