Earth. Mars. Things, broken and otherwise.

I’d worked on the air conditioner in my wife’s car all day Saturday. It was over 100 degrees and the wildfires west of town had painted the afternoon clouds dark orange-gray. Ashes fell like sparse snow flurries.  I’d taken up the struggle again Sunday morning, but by noon I had to concede that it just wasn’t going to work. The salvage yard compressor was just as shot as the original unit I’d replaced. Fifteen hours down the drain.

I came in to hear news of (yet another) mass killing in Wisconsin. A long-time loser and member of the trailer-park “master race” had taken his legally purchased 9mm pistol to a local Sihk temple and unloaded it on the worshipers there. The shooter killed six inside, critically wounded the first police officer on the scene, then had his birth certificate cancelled by another officer.

Then,  I stayed up late to watch the “Curiosity” rover make an amazing landing on Mars, just to restore my faith in humanity. It was like a page from a “Road Runner” cartoon, the NASA Coyote strung together a rocket, a supersonic parachute, and a jet-pack with sky-hooks (Acme products, all!) to land a mobile lab the size of a Mini Cooper on the Red Planet. Spank my ass and call me Shirley, the crazy scheme worked! !

I laughed and cried along with the gang at JPL. The Coyote Protocol had prevailed over long odds. This was clearly the work of Higher Mammals, Beautiful Mutants and the Things with Crooked Thumbs!

I spent a little time this morning thinking about Earth and Mars and the Things with Crooked Thumbs and stuff.
Things can send robot landers millions of miles through space to a landing that rivals the most graceful dismount of any Olympic gymnast. Things can light the dark and turn the mighty rivers with our cunning and build car air conditioners that can be fixed if one is careful or lucky in the selection of junkyard compressors. We’ve even built a globe-spanning computer network that would allow a monk Thing in Myanmar to browse the ramblings of a burn-out case Thing in Oklahoma, for crying out loud.

Earth also has a lot of Broken Things wandering around on it. Some of these Broken Things believe that making guns available to the bat-shit delusional racist Broken Things, the ones that imagine they are serving A Higher Purpose™ by killing other Things that they don’t even know, is an essential requirement for “Liberty”.
Some Things will believe anything, and there are some Truly Hideous Things out there that are paid to help make them believe that.


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