Some loose bits (funny stuff that caught my eye last week)

Rep. Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin had until 5PM Central Time  (Aug 21) to drop out of the race.
After that it gets very costly for him. Place your bets!  I’m hoping he stays in, 4 the lulz.

Speaking of poisonous creepers, the last of the world’s existing supply of E Series itching powder
is commanding 10X the price of gold. Stand by to cue the Glenn Beck pitch!

The sad story of the MLM milkshake scam and the people drawn to it. (Present company excepted, of course!).

Q: What do the letters “MLM” mean?
a)      “May Leave Marks”
b)      “Me Loves Money”
c)       “Many Left Mendicant”
d)      “Shut Up or You’re Fired”

Epicure’s dilemma (AKA the Great Taco Debate). And another “meat related” connundrum. It’s outrageous!

The DUF1220 protein domain copy factor correlates with bigger better brains, like ours (offer does not apply to Todd Akin).

Where have all the cultists gone? (“Mainstream” or “pro” would be my answers, but I’m cynical).

Snark as an affirmative defence. Still, meshed telecom (in the abstract) works very well: behold the MeshPotato.

“Some people spread joy wherever they go, others whenever they go” – Oscar Wilde. Still others prefer to spread lethal but preventable diseases, like pertussis.
Should we hold anti-vaxers responsible for deaths due to diluted herd immunity?

To heck with fish or plankton! Let’s talk about uranium from the sea!

What a campaign promise! Sheriff candidate promises not to murder abortion doctors if elected. But what if he loses?

Will he raise taxes to combat Obama’s UN Occupation Forces like the head judge of Lubbock County, Texas? Read my lips!

Amateur hour is over: this looney trumps them all (including Trump). Bonus points for tying in the Masons, the Illuminati and the Trilateral Commission.
Points lost for leaving out HAARP, the Lizard people, Queen Elizabeth and the Advanced Supersonic Nazi Hell-Creatures from Beneath the Hollow Earth.

In other news, “Latuda” antipsychotic is easier on your waistline. Think that’s what’s been holding them back?

Man, I want one of these, and I don’t even drink beer that often.

The Bermuda Triangle for pigeons. Meanwhile, simmering “chicken crisis” threatens to topple Iranian regime.

People shouldn’t play with dead franchises, those resurrections usually turn out badly.

Some “just because it’s Friday” geekery.  And, finally, Stan Lee gets naked.


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