Mere truth pales in comparison!

September is a month for remembering the Battle of Blair Mountain, the largest armed rebellion in the US since the Civil War. In 1921, thousands of striking coal miners fought a private army of murderous thugs hired by the mine owners. Over one million shots were fired. With the government providing targeting info, the thugs bombed the miner’s camps from aircraft. Some of the trenches, like the corporate abuses that led to the battle, are still visible today. They didn’t mention this in history class? I wonder why!

BREAKING SCIENCE NEWS: Noted man of learning Rep. Todd Akin announces more science-tastic discoveries!

Blessed are the stupid, for they shall inherit Kentucky: Developers hope to build a Noah’s Ark theme park, aided by $40 million in state tax incentives.
Meanwhile, $50 million is cut from public education funding and the resulting low student achievement scores have Kentucky law-givers wanting to alter the testing methods so nobody knows how ignorant they are. That’s cheaper than doing  edjumacation to the studunces, apparently. You expected better from a bunch of snake handlers?

This Dutch millionaire isn’t going to let the hillbillies have all the fun.

It’s like “Footloose” cubed: Taliban insurgents behead 17… for attending a dance party. Hope this doesn’t give the Baptists any new ideas.

Remember that fake historian David Barton, the one that just kept pulling stuff out of his orifice? Well, he’s not doing so good any more.

A real fake scientist confesses to have learned a few things, but his book “Fake Science 101” is still banned in Houston schools

Kepler spots a pair of planets orbiting binary suns. They didn’t used to think that kind of juggling act was even possible.

Oh, great! Now chimps have secret handshakes. What’s next, their own lodges? Birds, not to be outdone, have started to fish using bait.

Almost $1.2 million has been raised to build a Tesla museum on the site of his Wardenclyffe laboratory in New York.
Here’s a few of St. Nikola’s greatest inventions and  some fictionalized riffs on Mr. T’s legacy.

Of course they would deny it: Heinz didn’t make Swastika-Os canned pasta for the German market before, during or after WWII.


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