It’s soooo Friday!

Today’s Google doodle honored Dr. Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday. Her observations on self-motivated learning were very much at odds with the education models of the time. Google’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, both were educated through the Montessori Method and have credited it for their success.

There’s an awkward compliment: Ann Romney said Eastwood “did a unique thing” on Thursday night.  Of course Michael Moore is less complimentary.
Did anyone check the back-stage trashcans for empty ibogaine ampules? (How could you tell who had emptied them? Right.)
Some chairs where the interviewee has actually agreed to come, but doesn’t show: Empty Todd Akin ChairEmpty George Zimmerman Chair.

ZOMG! They let Mexicans in here? The laughter and damage control never stops in the Magic Kingdom!

August 30, 1935: First attacks in the class war! No, not “attacks”, I said “a tax”. Note those percentages and count your blessings, you bunch of rich, sniveling whiners. “We billed that!” until just the last few years… just before the bottom fell out! A connection? You betcha! (wink-wink)

Time Traveling Journalism from 2014, from John Shirley

Just like clockwork, another mass shooting. We’re having quite a season this year, so let’s look at the stats and box scores: a 23 year old former Marine w/history of depression and mental illness, 2 co-workers downed, an AK-47 and a yet-unidentified handgun in the play (2:1 odds on a Glock of some type).

Your scientific reasoning is flawed, Shaolin, and your temple has no honor!!

Will IQ scores continue to rise? I question the premise in light of the past week.

Should we design robots that kill? Seems to work well with people. Can robots be moral agents? Works with people only sometimes.

Hey, remember when that crazy German prince built a volcano in the hinterlands? Yeah, good times!

Glass shape shown to influence consumption rate of lager. I’ll drink to that.

What would you do if you’re out kayaking and find a giant floating egg in the sea?

Jesus attacks Antichrist’s car with tire iron. Eat of this Thorazine, for it is the required dosage.

Masked mohawk marauder menaces elderly singers with machete. Surprise! It happened in England!

Mustard Species’s Specialized Spices Keep Bugs at Bay. Wassabi power!

A brief history of scientists that experimented on their own kids. I mean, really, don’t we all? Most of them do survive it.

Brigham Young had 55 wives. Imagine all the experiments he could do!

Existentialist francophone feline takes top honors at inaugural Cat Video Festival.

Ambergris is another word for “whale vomit”, and it’s worth a fortune.

Humpback whale found dead in Aussie swimming pool. An ambergris-related death?

Texas mayor dies from wicked ass. Okay, “irate donkey attack” just isn’t as funny.

Are they about to find the culprit causing Morgellon’s Disease, or is it really all in their head? OSU’s Dr. Randy Wymore is one of the lead researchers trying to figure this out. My bullshit detector rumbles only occasionally about this, so I  just don’t know what to make of the mind/body aspects.

Speaking of mind/body interaction, a model of the placebo effect that’s predictive? That’s dangerously close to useful science. Have they looked into hypochondria yet?

high-tech fishing net that helps little fishies jump through hoops is Dyson Award finalist.

Very Short Story ‏@VeryShortStory : Keith realized he couldn’t feel his heart beat. Concerned, he went to have it checked. The doctor cleared his memory bank and rebooted.

Want to join the world’s fastest growing religion? Start your own!

I’ve had it up to HERE with you Kickstarter bums!


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