The “Crank” Mystique

Andrew May has a post up on “Theoretical Crankology” that I highly recommend. It deals with the common perception that an interest in anomalies of any type  immediately gets you branded as a “crank”… even if it is the actual cranks that you are studying.  (Microbiologists must get some of the same treatment, because everyone knows that if you study microbes that you must be just dripping with Ebola yourself).  Andrew makes reference to Nick Redfern’s excellent “Ufologists: Do NOT Do These Things!“, which is pretty much a how-to on cementing your “crank-cred” in the public eye. Like Nick says: don’t do that!

Nick’s punch-list for generating a nauseatingly familiar “Bogus-Hunter” generic parastupid reality show is priceless and spot on (“The 10 Commandments of Paranormal TV“). By way of illustration, this SNL send-up of the genre with Hugh Laurie is a treasure…



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