Virtual Monday Notes

Communism, Hypnotism, and The BeatlesDangerous Minds has a great remembrance of local boy goes batshit, 
Reverend David A. Noebel. His kink was demonizing rock and roll. 

Chuck Norris threatens ’1,000 years of darkness’ if Obama wins. It would be more credible (maybe even scary, maybe) if someone taller or less of a joke said it.

Happy Kapital Day! Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) gets it totally back-assward just like his Mom and inverts reality yet again.

Running this country like a business sounds like a good idea, at least until you remember the kind of a-holes bosses usually are.  A co-op I could see, or maybe an autonomous anarco-syndicalist collective….

Stem cells bring back feeling for paralysed patients. Will the same technique work for empathically paralyzed Republicans and sociopathic Randian uber-looters and as well??

It’s not like you need a PhD in GOP to know their approach to science is all wrong.

It is written that there’s a new inky-dinky supercapacitor fabrication technique from China.

The right-wing F.E.A.R. militia-inside-the-army story gets deeper and weirder. These are exactly the kind of dirtbags  that DHS bulletin warned us about. Remember how the the wing-nuts went nuts and got all protesteth too much over it? Wasn’t this the same gaggle of reality-impaired pearl-clutchers that claimed Clint Eastwood was shilling for Obama in that pro-America Super Bowl ad? Maybe they should take a comfy chair and rest up for the next imaginary outrage.

Children learn better from robots that screw up. Is it the “in-you-face factor” or just the Socratic dialog?

Another “how low can you go” moment: you expect cops to plant evidence, but a cleric? Makes you want to reconsider the blanket tax exemption of religious organizations, don’t it? The way your taxes subsidize organized pedophilia rings“pray away the gay” clinicskilling kids with faith-cures and so forth, to the tune of $71 billion dollars a year?


Of course the (one true) Church of the SubGenius pays it’s taxes in full, no questions asked!
That attracts less attention to our their activities. MUAHAHAHA!!!!


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