Tuesday, from the OE “Tiw’s Day”…

…Tiw (or Tyr) being the Norse god of  justice, the althing and single combat. In case you needed something to forget today.

Harold and Kumar stoke the stoner vote. Oh, wow, man, is it November yet? January?? Oh, bummer, dude!”

Still has that new robot-suit smell: First home user of walking-assistive exoskeleton for paraplegics.

"Sleeping Dog" RyanMove over Pinocchio! Gonna start calling him “Sleeping Dog” Ryan.  It’s like catching the same kid with stolen candyover and over again. Seriously, for a man that’s spent almost his entire life on the public teat you’d think he’d be better at this.

AntiSec claims to have harvested data on 12 million Americans from an FBI computer, but only leaked a sample of 1 million Apple user idents. So why is the FBI so interested in our Apples, but not so good at securing their secret files of our “private” information?

Maybe the actual headline should read “Organic foods less full of crap than the NPR coverage about new study”. ‘Homeopathic tincture of news’, that’s the take-away phrase here.

Sun Myung Moon, RIPBad apple segue: Rev. Sun Myung Moon has left the planet, time for the long knives to come out as the survivors fight for control and scraps.

Wilhelm Reich - Discoverer of Orgone EnergyThere needs to be an app for this since ancient grimoires can be so bulky! Here’s some on-line versions and an ad for “chi-generators”. They’ll look great next your magnetized orgone generators! And a new source of hand-tooled  bogosity!

Your brain can’t really do both at once: you can either work maths OR remember that girl that sat in the next seat in your 8th grade trig class.

Disaster, American style. It’s always public risk vs. private profit until the Revolution comes!

Let’s live fast, die young and leave some beautiful fossils: Romney allows that climate change may be real, but doing anything about it would be wrong and make the Koch Brothers grumpy. Let Science prevail!

We shall fear no system collapse nor greed-based blackouts! Go microgrids, go microgrids, go microgrids!

Good to the finich, ‘cause I’m using spinach hybrid solar cells.

Good news for all us back-yard Zeppelin builders: some better water-splitting catalysts are making the rounds! Breaking up is not so hard to do?

Some pig fun for you:
Steve the Christian


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