Guys and Lolz: the 1040 edition

The Guys Probably Doing It for Some Lolz

There’s been a bit of a media stir over the alleged ransoming of Lord Willard Fauntleroy Romney’s ever so potentially embarrassing tax returns. It seems that despite His Lordship’s insistent assurance that there is nothing suspect whatsoever in his refusal to make public his tax returns (other than the one and a partial year’s he has deigned to share with “the petty little people”), some cursed bounder (or bounders) now claim to have used unsporting methods to lay their dirty tradesman’s hands on them.

In a plot worthy of a second-season Kojack episode, said ruffians have delivered encrypted copies of these purloined letters to party offices and the scandal sheets, offering to either publish or purge the keys to the coded documents in exchange for one million dollars… in Bitcoins.

Lord Romney is not amused: is the Pound Sterling no longer good enough for common rouges? What is this monarchy coming to?


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