Friday: it is to laugh! (Just don’t tick off Woden)

Friday: of Frigg or Freyja? Choose carefully, because the controversy still burns and the truth is of key importance to certain entities of my acquaintance.

Good story about an adenovirus that explodes cancer cells (at least in mice), that sits in a desktop fridge in Sweden. “A donation of £1 million will ensure the virus is named in your honour”, if you happen to know some donors with massive kroners. (WARNING: There is brief scientific mention of ‘horseradish peroxidase conjugated donkey anti-goat antibody‘, which is a real thing, apparently. Who knew?)
Wise words within:

“It’s like Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black reading the National Enquirer to find out what aliens are up to, because that’s the only paper trashy enough to print the truth. Keep an eye on what the quacks are saying, and you have an idea of what might be promising at the Wild West frontier of medicine”.

You may now attempt the Log-in of Doom… if you dare!

Has doubt been cast on Heisenberg Theory? Yes and no.

I’m voting Vermin Supreme in 2012. And then the world ends.

Counterfeit fossils complicate research. Ken Ham has been grousing about fossils for years.
One popular alternate theory.

At the Grant Museum of Zoology, the unusual is the ordinary.

Crafting the world’s largest wind turbine blade  –vs–  neat new solar desalinization scheme made of simple pottery.

Here’s a bunch of useful information: A Compendium of Useful Information. Catchy title, eh?

How Jimi Hendrix got banned from the BBC, 1969.

Carlos “Chuck” Norris tried to warn us, but what happened last night removed any doubts I had!

Some call it art, I call it “a good barbeque spoiled”. Portraits in… Pork Loin?  Thanks, Sasquatch!

They tried to help the emus, but they’re just not smart enough. The emus, that is.

Yes, the bunny runs ‘round the tree and into the hole… even on Mars. To the Norse, knots and nets were a gift from Loki.

“Fragrance crime” dragnet expanded to Mars.

Romantic story about Voyager 1 at launch+35 years and counting, and a fun shot of Carl Sagan back in the day.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is on 19 September. Get limbered up, ye lubbers! There Will be No Quarter Given!

Gotta love that Atheist Pig!
For happy reasons, Alice is taking a little break. We wish her much happiness!
Proof is a Burden


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