What is Reality and how much should you tip it?

We’re open 24/7, on the corner of Gnosis St. and Knowledge Ave:
openness to experience is associated with both rationality and mystical beliefs.

Science FTW! “There is no surer way to screw up an experiment than to be certain of its outcome.”

Astronomical confections put your planet where your mouth is.

Einstein, Gödel, and the Science of Time Travel. It’s a bit loopy sounding.

“Battery life” is very important: “Robbie” is a short SF film about a robot made from NASA footage. Don’t cry at the end.

For some reason it reminds me of “Red Star, Winter Orbit“, an old Sterling/Gibson short story. Dated but good.

Cross your fingers for a ‘tragic’ “hunting accident”: Putin will pilot a hang-glider disguised as crane to lead migration.

Look, it’s a big pretty old picture book!  “Rogamus vos, Princeps Tenebrarum…”, hmm, maybe a recipe?

Is that “no where” or “now here”? Book your tickets to Nowhere Island, quick before it moves again!

Rape victim shoots, beheads attacker. Wonder if it was a “legitimate beheading”? Life and justice in Turkey can be harsh on uppity women.

Dickhead-on-dickhead violence: man pleads guilty to ripping out friend’s heart, removing tongue. Can’t blame the ‘shrooms for that kind of evil.

Another attack in the growing rabid beaver crime wave.

A swashbuckling thief just around the corner at Bowden’s! It sounds like he’s getting ready for post-apocalypse etiquette.

Is Rep. Todd Akin just a stealth viral marketing campaign for sex-ed? I mean, nobody could really be that stupid, right?

Chris Klewe can sure write a great letter. More shocking than the letter is the way the league, management, teammates and fans have stood with him. Maybe the times they are a-changing?

Stop digging, man! Former half-wit teen actor on the loose and whining about things he’s said being taken in context.

What happens when the End’o’the’World prophesies don’t happen on cue? “Evaporative cooling” is one of the better analogies I’ve read.

Sometimes the “I believe it even though it’s provably false” effect surfaces in other contexts, though the genetics of the case in point should be considered.

Zombie animals are made with 100% natural ingredients and build strong bodies twelve ways… for their parasitic overlords.

Four different positions in 12 hours is not a new record, but impressive anyway.

How it’s done in Joe Biden’s  Bat Country.


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