Whales, swine and slow lorises gone wild!

It’s Tuesday so there’s another fresh XKCD “What If” up today. It’s distasteful.

The essence of “bad touch”: men caught with primates down their pants. Brave but stupid, due to the loris’ venomous bite.

The writer that brought you Snow Crash (best opening chapter ever) collaborates with Arizona State U engineer to explore design of a 20 kilometer skyscraper. Because he can.

English UFO mystery solved. The technology was entirely terrestrial but still pretty cool.

The Nazca lines are under attack… by ground-hugging squatters and swine.

Hook-up culture: Will the “West Seattle hum” fade once those fish get laid?

There’s a long history of diving in search of fabled Issyk Kul palace.

There has long been speculation about using whales as a means of travel. Although an alliance with Space Whales could bring about standardized units of measure and currency, the things we’ve been sending up are much smaller.

Sadly, it was “no sale” (and no lorises, either) for the Sacred Skidmarks of St. Elvis, though his bible did fetch a few farthings.  I was sadly outbid for his ranch-style split-level medicine cabinet, but it was a fixer-downer anyway.

So, okay, already! Maybe the MP7a1 is a perfect gift for kids 7 and up. Who knew?

Hackers really are different, with higher scorez on self-reported Autism-spectrum Quotient (AQ) predispositions.

Coffee: the catalyst of the modern world.

Remember those wonderful “Little Golden Books”? Well, the world has changed since then.


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