“I’m Just a Bill” Remembered & Remixed

Do you remember “Schoolhouse Rock”? It’s from back in the days of “rabbit-ears TV” when the networks (all three of ’em!) were required to provide X-amount of educational programming for children on Saturday mornings. These were ABC’s contribution to passive learning. CBS did “In the News” and I forget NBC’s offering (their cartoons must have sucked, or something?).
Here’s the original, followed by a few modern day parodies. Caution: the irony can cause burns!

The Original “I’m Just a Bill“. Very civic minded and educational.

Family Guy’s  parody. Short and sharp.

An examination of money and politics from takepart.com (not to be confused with TakeApart.com, AKA the GOP). It does sound rather Randy Newmanish, yes.

Another treatment via FunnyOrDie  saluting the Joe Biden reaction to passage of the ACA bill (AKA “Obamacare”).

I’m Just a Bill“: The ALEC Rock version, from prwatch.org. This is probably closer to today’s reality than we’d like to think.

Perhaps my favorite is “Conspiracy Theory Rock” from SNL:

The urban legend is this was shown ONE time, then banished. They even left it off the SNL DVD collection. You can see why!

Speaking of conspiracy theories, this Smith Comma John fellow looks strangely familiar. So does his delivery.

Oddly prescient. Hmmmm, who does he remind me of?
Maybe if the aliens “grayed” his pseudo-hair a bit, and made him a “human businessman”…?

Are we there yet? The 100 Year Starship Symposium kicks off in Houston.

Did he just say what I think he said? The Dalai Lama says “religion is no longer adequate“? What?

UFOs can sure make you question everything.

Okay, here’s that weird DARPA cyber-mule. It’s too creepy to ignore.

Helium-filled hard drives debut. He: not just for Zeppelins anymore.

Did you hear the one about the supercomputer built out of Lego… and Raspberry Pi?

Advances in medical science can provide a useful aid in child motivation.


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