Like Sands Through the Hour-Glass…

Some tableware crafted from sand and plaster.
A solar sand-sintering 3D printer. Hot stuff!
This one uses an acrylic spray to concretize the sand.

Because this sand-box isn’t big enough: let’s print some spacecraft!

More exoplanets: it’s starting to get crowded out there!

Something went horribly wrong on Mars: Curiosity killed the cat.

Beware! CRIME can decrypt HTTPS web sessions.

The Royal Society’s list of the 20 most important advances in the history of food and drink.

You know that “zone chart” on the seed packages? Well, they’ve finally put out a new one, but it’s already outdated.

Berkeley Lab studies “cool pavements” to combat urban heat island effects.

The utter coolness of this omni-drive spherical “wheeled” electric motorcycle is almost beyond description.
A group of students from the Charles W Davidson College Of Engineering at San Jose State U...

ZOMG! The HORROR! Principal shuts down cosmetology class because one student “looked gay”!

You come a long way, baby! There’s finally a website for your homoerotic presidential fan fiction! That’s one sentence I never thought I’d write.

Speaking of presidential fiction, M’Lord Romney thinks “middle income” is $200-250K per year. While he probably doesn’t know any of the “middle class” personally, I’m sure he’d destroy quite a few of their lives if elected.

And lo, it was written, that their most precious parts would become tough as leather, so the teeth of the eels should find no purchase; and thus made unpunishable, the vile ones laughed, and cavorted, and made merry, and committed many crimes against nature, and against eels, and their eyes turned from the barrel, and knew not its depths any longer.


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