A Global Conspiracy

It all started innocently enough: creative play, seductively simple to learn. It was Minecraft. It was just good, clean fun. I’d toyed with it a bit myself and thought it was a hoot. When my 12 year old asked to play it too I said sure, no problem. If only I’d known.

Most mornings she’s up and at it before sunrise. She wears a headset to coordinate actions with her shadowy colleagues via Skype. They are legion: in Dubai, England, Hong Kong, up-state New York, Texas.  They all use pseudonyms  and play on (or run)  servers around the world with odd names like CherryBacon, Uberminecraft or SavageRealms.

They are everywhere, scheduling their operations with better telecom than the Pentagon had just 15 years ago. They are young and bright and moving beyond my ability to understand them, even when I am allowed to overhear their conversations. It’s like another language. It makes no sense to adult ears.  I tell her, only half-jokingly, “NO revolutions before you’ve finished high school!”. I don’t think she’ll listen. Now that they’ve built her own worlds, I don’t think ours is entirely safe any longer.

Sheep, what can you do?

Sheep, what can you do?

The assassins write the history books, it is said, so you might want to take a look at the Assassination Archives and Research Center. The Church Commission reports have some real nuggets in there, if you dig carefully.

For the general conspiracy theorist, the 80 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time is required reading. It’s that history that nobody teaches. Of course back in my day it was only “50 Greatest Conspiracies”, but time marches on… as do the secret cabals.

But, of course, there are times when the conspiracy is only imagined. These tend to develop in complexity over time in the minds of schizophrenics and the like. This excellent article describes the fiendishly intricate ‘Influencing Machine‘. It would have been a plot worthy of Prof. Moriarty… if he’d been Spanish.

If it’s the everyday, material, personally creepy you want? Try this on for size: Woman finds ex-boyfriend living in her attic over 12 years after they broke up. Awkward!

Where did “punk” begin? Maybe the Peruvian band ‘Los Saicos’ can claim that distinction.

A closing note: regarding the current outrage incited by a re-dubbed video clip made by a serial criminal with a history of drug manufacture and check kiting, the violent Christian freak-out that accompanied the 1988 release of Martin Scorsese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ” (a fine film, btw, unlike the dreadful YouTube smear) shows that no religion or culture has a monopoly on violence or stupidity.
I’ve imagined a short telephone conversation that would resolve the problem, which I share at risk of sounding anti-“Free Speech” (which I am not) rather than just anti-“Stupid F*cking Dickhead” (which I proudly am):  “Hi, Pakistan? This is the USA. Listen, we’ve got a couple of folks that we don’t want staying here any more. One is a notorious ass-wipe, a preacher from Florida named ‘Jones’; the other guy is a loser that’s got so many aliases we don’t know what to call him, and he made this video called… Oh, you’ve seen it? I see. Okay, well– Oh, you do? And you’ll pay the air-fare? Great, then we have an understanding? Good, you’ll see them both on the first flight tomorrow!”

Gotta love that pig:
Almost There


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