We Bring Good Things To Life

You ever have one of those strange conversations where one misunderstood word snowballs everything into bewildering weirdness? Like “sargassum” vs “sarcasm”, “herrings” vs “earrings”, “Limbaugh” vs “actual human being”… that kind of thing.

Speaking of repugnant gravy-bags on the radio, one of the vilest is concerned about his shrinking genitalia.
It sounds like the problem may be in his other head… the bloated, hateful, useless one perched atop Mt. Adipose.

You know M’Lord Rmoney had a bad week when he wants to talk about his tax returns again. You think there could be a video of him eating a baby about to come out?

Want to find the REAL “moochers” in America? Look no further than Wall St.

Finally, a geological time-scale that Creationists can appreciate, October 4004 BC to the present! This could be useful to the AiG bozos who say they want to “take dinosaurs back” from the non-crazy people.

Remember when Chik-fil-a made noises that they weren’t supporting anti-LGBT equality causes any more. It was ALL LIES, just like we knew it would be!

There’s an actual scientific study on if and how “gaydar” actually works.

Takamoto Biogas builds biomass digesters in Kenya using local materials, just like Noah used on his Ark (rhymes with snark).

Electronic tinkering is my usual beat but “DIY Biotech, anyone?”
DIYBio.org has some good resources, and Singularityhub has some more.
BioBricks really are like genetic Lego, in a sense.
Need a cheap centrifuge? Hook one up to your drill press or dremel.
Here’s how to build your own gel electrophoresis chamber.
Need a PCR thermocycler? Start with this homebrew design.

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