Faith, Hope and Charity

Sarah Silverman made a new educational video about “voter ID” laws! You might want to listen with headphones if you have those with tender ears around.

The GOP has really cranked up their voter suppression effort and voter ID laws are their new poll-tax.

A provisional ballot is vote not counted, don’t let it be yours!

OpenSourceEcology has just released a new video about their compressed earth brick making machine, “The Liberator”. These folks are doing great work on producing open source plans for essential, sustainable technologies.

The new Apple maps service is an abomination apparently. Zombie Steve Jobs is not amused; brains will be eaten for this.

Small wonder I’m unpopulated with a name like Gliese 163c. I sound like a brand of piles ointment.”

Paleolithic Disney: were cave paintings actually functional animation when viewed by flickering torch light?

Here’s a punch-list on how to be part of the next mass extinction. Applies to societies as well as dinosaurs.

Do androids dream of synthetic fashion? Maybe the 3D printers at Modern Meadows can give us guilt-free lab-grown leather.

Remember “Faith, Hope and Charity”? The “charity” label can cover a lot of less-than charitable activities, like snuffing out “faith” in free elections and “hope” that things will ever get better.  Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS is a “charity”, don’t you know? So is Westboro Baptist Church. I’ll agree that many charities are good, but many are just tax-dodging cons run by Evil People for Sinister Purposes (EPSP).

And M’Lord Willard of Romney knows about using charity for ulterior purposes! Remember his tax return obfuscation? Wellll, his week went sooo bad that he decided to fudge his own charitable contributions for the ONE year he’s released a tax return for in order to up his tax rate to 14.1%… and make himself, by his own reasoning, unfit to be president. He really is nuts!



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