The Cryptozoology of Politics

Because you can:  The McGuyver Project published a nice how-to for DNA extraction and gel electrophoresis using only materials you can find at the grocery store.  You might also check out “How to Extract DNA from Anything Living” for more kitchen DNA fun. ProfOfflogic is incredibly impressed and approves these heartily!

All’s fare: UltraReset app running on a Nexus S android phone can reset subway fare cards to give you free rides. Anyone want a used iPhone?

Some research is showing that water-doped graphite can exhibit superconductivity at room temperature. This would qualify as both “good” and “cheap”.

Didja know that canola oil is an evil scheme? OK, maybe not evil, but it has been marketed weirdly and somewhat deceptively.

Some late breaking weirdness! UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco!!! This is all so very serious!

How the rich became radicals: dismantling most government programs, including self-funded program like Social Security, vitally needed ones like Medicaid, Federal disaster relief, education … even law enforcement and storm warning systems. And after all we’ve done for them, too!

From Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Conservative Economics:

If Mitt Romney were to declare that his plan for Medicare relied on fairy dust, people would laugh…. If Romney swore that bug-eyed aliens were central to his foreign policy, it would generate well-deserved snickers…. So when Mitt Romney declares that his economic plan involves reducing taxes on the wealthy as a means of growing the economy… where’s the laughter?

You’ve got a better chance of catching a Sasquatch than finding any rational GOP philosophy in 2012.

The GOP keeps clinging to the belief that if we just cut taxes on corporations and the ultra-rich beyond any historical low that they will, Santa-like, bring jobs to all the good little peons below them on the economic ladder. Bear in mind that that has never once happened at any time in recorded history: “voodoo economics” didn’t work under Reagan, it didn’t work under Bush II and has never done anything but increase deficits, get more coke snorted of hookers’ thighs and put more people out of work.  This “less taxes=more jobs” fairy tale has become ossified into GOP Holy Canon, illustrating the “evaporative cooling” at work in the cult-like GOP belief-system.

There is no doubt among the rational that Kolob is in the Seventh House and Trickle-Down aligns with Farce, but the Know-Nothings are at the GOP helm and facts don’t seem to have any effect on them. Since critical thought among their base died in the 1980s, they have no shortage of delusional dupes to follow them.


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