The Truth Will Set You Off!

Hey, my first-spawned is doing vocals with ‘Sever the Feeling’, featured on their latest track (and the cover photo, too).

Mutation, ho! The Birth of the Citrate Feeders: how our old buddy, E. coli, quit worrying about the lack of glucose and started metabolizing citrates instead. The inability of E. coli to do this trick has been a standard test to show that a bacterium isn’t E. coli for years, so how did it do it? The answer is simple: it EVOLVED this new trait over 55,000 generations during an experiment that’s been run for the last 24 years by evolutionary biologist Richard Lenski and his associates.

Of course the morons Creationists refuse to budge on the “E-word” unless they see something like this. So much for the Creationists morons.

Sometimes it takes teamwork to get the job done. Scientists have found an algae and a cyanobacterium that may be negotiating a friendly merger. “This will leverage the synergy of shared expertise in both photosynthesis and direct nitrogen fixation to preserve and enhance shareholder value”, says the CEO of AlgaeCorp.

Untraceable shells are neither rare nor hard to set up, just look on the shores of the Caymans, Bahamas, Lichtenstein or Romneystan.  

Looks like we’ve been eating what we kill for at least 1.8 million years. Getting fries with that took longer.

“Behold the giant anthropoid, beware his crooked thumbs!”: the full text of Roger Zelazny’s “Doorways in the Sand”. It’s one of those short novels you don’t forget about.

Bitch about weather forecasters all you like, that’s a cake-walk compared to the science of predicting earthquakes. At least the atmosphere is out where you can get at it!

Yes, the Truth will set you free…  maybe, but first it has to piss you off a little. That’s part of the process.

That Romney fund-raiser “secret video” released by Mother Jones showed Romney trying to convince his high roller donors that he sincerely believed exactly what they believed, and that’s a painful thing to watch: a man with no convictions desperately flailing to tack with the wind, whichever way if blows at the moment. The real money-shot was the vacuous nature of the questions and advice from his high roller donors. Seriously, is there a chemical on money that dulls the mind, maybe tetraethyl lead in the ink?

Mitt: The Incredible Herp!


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