Ups and Downs

I like browsing the US Patent Office, but don’t bother with their stupid patent viewer! Just do your search, grab the patent number of interest and feed it into Patent2Pdf instead, it’s much cleaner that way.

Every so often I like to take a dip in Technovelgy, inventions that originated in science fiction (Heinlein laid claim to the water bed). Halfbakery is another fun site, the sort of place you post your crazy ideas or just play piñata with other peoples’ brainstorms. HumansInvent is a nice showcase of creative problem solving and other neat stuff.

Tesla Motors has announced it will install a string of “supercharger” stations, some solar powered, throughout California, allowing Model S owners to charge-up for free in only 30-45 minutes. That “free” would be a powerful incentive for budget-minded types… like those of us that could never afford a Tesla in the first place. Still, it’s a neat idea and might do something to take some of the sting out of the big remaining downside to electrics: long recharge times.

Geeks of the world, unite! $1.32 million raised so far for the Tesla Museum land purchase. Who knew that Oatmeal could ever be so darned good?

Plagued by boundless optimism? There’s a cure for that now! It’s the perfect gift for the project manager in your life!

Felix Baumgartner prepares to take a dive from 23 miles up in early October. Talk about optimism!

How’s the weather up there, Curiosity? That daily 10% change in barometric pressure would sure make your ears pop on Earth.

For those upper-class twits sans wits:  an airline pilot makes the whole airplane window thing clear. EBM reminds us that the only aircraft in passenger service that had openable windows for passengers were airships.

You knew I had to do it: Auric Mittfinger opens the window for some fresh air at 28,000 feet.


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