Friday Never Dies!

The Curiosity rover has made it pretty clear there was liquid water flowing on Mars’ surface for quite some time in that past. You can almost see the twin moons of Mars reflected in the swiftly running stream. And thoats, don’t forget the thoats!

Jordan is the home of Petra,  “a rose-red city half as old as time”. Another example of the freaking amazing things people can do with only rock and time on their hands.Compare Petra to the Hypogeum in Malta. It is said that at one time you could walk underground from one end of the island to another, but many of those tunnels are now closed “for safety reasons”. At least three known levels of ornate crypts, chambers and tunnels are carved into the soft limestone. There may be other, deeper levels;  deeper than feeble humans have ever explored and lived to tell about!

An experimental proof that you can throw good science after bad.

Shaping the next generations of crackpotologists: GeekDad thinks “Gravity Falls” is great. I have to concur. I can’t not watch it.

Some have devoted much effort to connecting the dots between “sacred sites” like Stonehenge, Petra, Easter Island & etc to draw “ley lines“. The Becker-Hagens grid is one evolution of the ley line.  You can sure run rampant with anything.

Think there’s no difference between the presidential candidates? Check out their energy policies here. Big difference!

Fly the friendly skies of Willard’s World.

Go back 30 or 20 or even 10 years ago, and most of the people in the Congress who could be said to merit the label “extremist” look like cuddle-toys compared to some sitting there today. Not to mention some of the people running for these offices on a major party ticket. “This is someone who kind of makes Michele Bachmann look like a hippie,” McCaskill said of Akin, citing his votes against things like a sex offender registry‘.

‘No mas! No mas!!: An editor for the Associated Press said that  fact-checkers for the organization had to impose limits on checking misstatements by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Or their heads would explode, presumably.

Good news, honey! Pat Robertson is totally down with oral sex, at least for married straights. Sorry, Willard-Ann, no such luck for your cult sect.

Oklahoma’s looney “no-trans-name-changes” Judge Graves gets the ACLU appeal he so richly deserves. Graves has been an embarrassment to the state since his days as a Republican state senator.

We’re all “invited” to the wedding of Mr. State and Miss Church! (Attendance is compulsory)

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