Everything Old is New Again

Hollywood and toy manufacturers have a bad case of sequel-itis. How many times around the block has Strawberry Shortcake gone? The Smurfs (damn their little blue souls)? How many times will G.I. Joe have to go through Re-Boot Camp? Now, it’s the creepiest toy since the Ouija Board: Furbies are the Weird  that just keeps happening. Let me be clear on this: anything that turns itself on in the night and jabbers strange things at your kids in the darkness is just Wrong.
So now there’s another batch? I guess someone fed them after midnight or something? Yeesh!
Here’s the Furby Autopsy page.
Here’s some prank-calling Furbies.
Here’s one “Second Amendment remedy” I approve of:

A bit of Halloweenish trivia for you: bats appear to suffer from “lunar phobia”.

Why are the Freemasons collecting your child’s DNA? No, there’s probably nothing sinister afoot, but it makes great conspiracy fodder, doesn’t it?

Who does his nails? Around the world with the jet-setting Jesus: the pre & post-crucifiction travelogues.

Ralph Reed‘s “Faith and Freedom Coalition” sends out a characteristically paranoid laundry list of lies, fear-mongering and slander to fundraise for “family values” hijackers. They must think God was just kidding about that “false witness” thing, because they are definitely going to Hell.

It just keeps happening: Another company owned by GOP hatchet-man Nathan Sproul is fingered in widespread fraudulent voter registrations in several battleground states. Why is it even legal for him to get near a voter reg form after his firms’ criminal conduct “issues” in  2004, 2008 and earlier in 2012? IOKIYAR, I guess.

Obama campaign to make big strides in neighborhoods where Romney volunteers won’t dare enter.

I’ve recently become enamored of  Low Tech Magazine and No Tech Magazine. They present historical solutions to modern problems like energy, transportation, food preservation and so on. There’s wonderful reading on wood gas powered automobiles, human powered tools, even the potential of the Chinese wheelbarrow to solve today’s problems with the proven solutions of yesterday. I was particularly interested by their article on the long history of the aerial ropeway. These websites are very much worth a good look, and will have you coming back time and again.

There is  a “Traditional Knowledge World Bank” being built to preserve and transmit knowledge of the old  (paleolithic and on) ways of doing things. You can read it’s mission statement here or visit the fairly skeletal prototype site here. As it is now, it’s a nice inventory of topic headings that can send you off on your own research quests.


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