And a Darkness Came Over the Room

“And lo, he opened the First Slide, and the First Slide was called Title. It was shewn unto the eyes of the Attendees, and their sensibilities were assaulted by the font that was comic sans, and their eyes were smote mightily by the attribute that was flashing, and the First Slide had known no spell check. And there was great sadness among the Attendees, and many among them prayed that Death would come for them, right then and there, yea verily, for it was known to them that three more hours remained before the break that was for Lunch. They were sore afraid but there was no escape for any among them from the First Slide.”

Rockwell International did a pretty bang-up job on charting their plan for human space exploration. Entries like “Relocate Deimos to Mars Synchronous Orbit” in the 2040s. Man, that says confidence!

It’s pretty well established by research and testing that tin-foil hats actually increase the effectiveness of mind-control rays. Some will still suffer for fashion, I’m sure.

The New York Times has a nice long-read on why the best technologies don’t always win. I remember a gas refrigerator in my parents’ house.

The newly described  Dibasterium durgae fossils shed light on archaic arthropod ancestors of the horseshoe crab.

No evidence found that DHS’ 70-plus “fusion centers” uncovered a single terrorist threat between April 1, 2009 and April 30, 2010. Is it a snipe hunt or does the DHS just suck at this?

And here’s a late-breaking anti-terrorism update: US-Canadian Cheese Smuggling Ring Busted! Sadly, another cartel will rise to replace them.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Mortgage Fraud Task Force finally does SOMETHING!Patsies will be found, punished!

Costas at the National Review urges Romney to not suck so much during tonight’s debate. Sucking might be the thing Romney does best. Let Mitt be Romney, I say!

The Big Dog gives credit where due:


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