What’s with the GOP? (w/ correction)

It’s getting to be a sinister comedic tradition: the annual GOP spasm to sacrifice Big Bird on the altar of “balancing the budget“. We saw M’Lord Willard of Romney trot out that tired line again in last night’s debate. Of course, that’s just a side-show for the real havoc the GOP is bent on inflicting on the 90% .

What’s with these guys? It’s like the GOP has become that kid that sits there and bangs his head on the wall over and over again: it’s obvious that something’s wrong with that kid, but everyone pretends not to notice or says that “it’s just a phase”. Is it that they don’t acknowledge that the budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (that allocates the funds for public television and radio) amounts to just 0.012% .00014% of the federal budget in 2011, or is it that their Randian sensibilities can’t stand having non-commercial media around? Maybe they are just bent on destroying anything that smacks of “the general welfare” and the common good?

So grow up, GOP, and knock off the “moocher/looter” talk.  Not only can it be turned back on your party, anyone beyond (a healthy) late adolescence knows that is a dick-headed world-view. Some of us miss the days when the GOP had principled positions and weren’t just providing cut-rate blowjobs to the Koch BrothersBPMonsanto and the other wealthy scumbags that keep them in office.

Maybe there’s a better way to balance the budget without cutting into Granny’s cat food budget, like restricting deductions on incomes over $500K a year and/or eliminating the bullshit tax-dodges used by corporations to avoid paying any tax at all (or, like  General Electric, getting a multi-$billion tax refund)? Sure, nobody likes paying taxes, and me neither, but taxes are the entry fee to living in a civil society, and if you are going to raise revenues (and we do need to do that) let’s at least raise them from those with the wherewithal to pay a tiny bit more more without having to go hungry.

Corporations are not people: they won’t starve in the streets, their shareholders will just get a few pennies less. If you believe 10 years of historically low tax rates are slowing “job creation” (rather than a collapse of demand due to Wall Street stealing everyone’s money), well you are just the kind of fools the GOP is looking for. Double dittos, y’all!


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