Happy Columbus Day, Now Get Out!

Let’s really celebrate Columbus Day, what do you say?

America, where Canadians come to celebrate their private property rights by taking yours:  Texas great-grandmother arrested for trespassing on her own land.  Wait, this is Columbus Day, after all! Oooh, burn!

Sure, the Photoelectric Effect gets a Nobel, but… gee whiz! Albert Einstein and his Theory of Relativity were victims of anti-semitism, politics and the previous paradigm.

Sure, you could call it “evil” science if you want to, but it’s the application that’s evil, never the science!

This goober’s “lies from the pit of Hell” line still just cracks me up! Is Georgia’s 10th district inhabited by the most devolved inbred hillbillies in the world? You’d have to ask their “Cousin Dad” about that.

M’Lord Mitt of Romney comes off as even more clueless (or just lying through his slimy teeth) in his much touted foreign policy speech this morning. I wonder what color the sky is on his world today?

Tommy Thompson has something in common with both John McCain and M’Lord Mitt: #firstworldproblems.

Brought to you by the letters “F” and “U”:  Mr. Rogers once said some strong words to politicians that wanted to take the “public” out of “broadcasting”.

John Freshwater finally gets to argue his appeal for being fired after deviating from the school curriculum. And teaching Creationism in science class. And branding a crucifix on a student with a Tesla coil. It’s TYRANNY!!! but I’m sure God will make him win.

Yesterday was “Pulpit Freedom” “Tax Political Churches” Sunday. Signing up to lose it’s privileged tax-free status was San Diego’s Skyline Church, just one of thousands of churches profaning their God by making political  endorsements from the pulpit. Thanks, gang, for volunteering to pay your share of taxes… if the IRS ever pulls it’s head out it’s ass!

cheerful war-time letter from Groucho to a soldier about his wonderful “victory garden” vegetables.

Here’s another letter, from Chuck Jones’ uncle on the death of their family dog, Teddy. They don’t make too many uncles like that anymore.


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