A Republican reconsiders his YOYO (You’re On Your Own) philosophy. The opposite of YOYO is WITT (We’re In This Together).

Stop paying attention to this nonsense about what Romney’s saying or doing, or whether he might be some kind of hideous Manchurian candidate for the Illuminati…”

The Brookings Institution analysis of the RomenyMath™ used in the inherently bogus claim that everyone’s taxes can be cut without increasing the deficit: “If Governor Romney wants to drive from Boston to LA in 15 hours, it is mathematically impossible to avoid speeding.” Oh, yeah, and free ponies, too!

The Maine GOP takes issue with Dem senate candidate playing World of Warcraft. Oh, how very shocking! What, she should be out making life hard on women, the poor, minorities and immigrants instead?

The asswipe CEO that built himself the largest house in America sent a letter to his employees threatening to fire them if Obama is elected. That makes him a job-creator, right?

Crazy is an Arkansas GOP requirement: Republican Charlie Fuqa is running on the platform that you should just straight up murder your unruly children because God and stuff. He and that slavery-loving Rep. Jon Hubbard ought to get a rubber room together.

But there is some good news: 19.6% of Americans self-identify as “atheist,” “agnostic” and “nothing in particular” in latest Pew survey.

The number 33 has held great significance in certain esoteric circles.  So what’s so special about 33? (42 is, of course, the answer to the ultimate question. 42 minus 33 is 9, 9 is 3×3 or 3³. You are getting very drowsy… now send me your “love offerings” in small, unmarked bills).

Here is a letter in which Robert Heinlein helps his colleague Theodore Sturgeon get past a spell of “writer’s block”. With friends like that who needs gurus? (Everyone needs gurus! Remember, I said small, unmarked bills!)

ZOMG!!!! There’s a Red Chinese base in Texas with 10,000 armored vehicles poised to plunge a dagger straight into our hearts!!! It’s been confirmed by a DELIVERY DRIVER!!!! Oh, Texas, how could you betray us so????

Ready for Halloween? Have you got your very scary Iggy Pop mask yet?


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