The 10th Anniversary of Operation Bogus

A debate and a result that all Americans can be proud of“: Today is the tenth anniversary of the House granting authorization for the invasion of Iraq. Smoking gun/mushroom cloud, yellowcake from Niger (not), MASSIVE QUANTITIES OF WMDs!!!, war will be over “in weeks,” it’ll cost only $1.7 billion, looting is OK because “free people are free to do what they want.” Brought to you by the guys now running Team Romney.

More American troops killed themselves in 2010 than died in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nearly half of those suicides involved personally owned weapons. So it makes sense for military counselors to talk to at-risk active-duty soldiers about owning a gun. So of course the NRA got Sen. James Mountain Inhofe to put language into National Defense Authorization Act preventing counselors from asking about it. USA! USA!!!!

Still, at least we got all those weapons of mass destruction, didn’t we? Sure we did. We elected them to public office.

So the good news is that abortion isn’t on M’Lord Mitt of Romney’s agenda. Or so he said  yesterday. Check your watches!

Submariners surprised to spot a diving bird 150 feet (50 metres) underwater, which reminds me of something Larsonian.

Bad timing on the part of humanity may explain CETI’s lack of extraterrestrial communications. Don’t you hate being the first one to arrive at the party?

Carnegie Mellon University spinoff Astrobotic Technology has now completed a full-size prototype of a solar-powered robot designed to search for water ice at the moon’s poles, which could end up being a serious contender for the Lunar X-Prize.

The Curiosity rover gets distracted by shiny object on Mars. I knew I dropped my keys somewhere!

There’s nothing like a nice game of catch with your robotic friends.

Recently completed laser scan of Stonehenge reveal ancient inscriptions. What they mean is subject to further investigation.

The artifacts of secret societies offer an fascinating glimpse into their rituals and past influence. They’re even better if you are really into skulls and oddball diagrams.

Carved mushroom skulls make the perfect side-dish for your Halloween feast!

ZOMG!!!! Proof the Roswell alien has eyelashes!!! NOT A HOAX!!!! Verified by crappy YouTube upload!!!! Are tweezers the only thing that will stop Them??!!!

Here’s a fun Zombie Apocalypse survival trick: boiling water in a plastic shopping bag.

The Robot Apocalypse has already begun… on paper, at least. A single computer program accounted for 4% of US stock market trades last week.

Those damned robots! Wall Street humans outraged they might not get extravagant bonuses this year! A single tear rolls down my cheek.

New Zealand releases new Hobbit coin as legal tender. Hobbits have been very good to the Kiwis. We could use some here.

Maybe the Great Famine gave them some insight? The Irish government expects to pass a law this year that could encourage banks to substantially cut the amount that borrowers owe on their mortgages, a step that no major country has been willing to take on a broad scale.


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