“Drink Me!”. No, Just “Eat Me!”

Today is National Coming Out Day. Just FYI, Republicans.

Some gosh-wow-neato for you: some bacteria can manufacture endogenous viral weapons to attack other bacteria. Much cooler than metabolization of citrates, no?

The “invisible hand” goes for another reach-around on us all!  Russia expressed outrage that a passenger flight with Russians on board was escorted down for inspection in Turkey. Turkey is rightly outraged that Russian arms were being secretly shipped to Syria on the flight through Turkish airspace.  (Turks simply confiscated the contraband  and sent it on it’s way).  So, of course,  asswipe speculators managed to turn it into a pretext for higher oil prices.

Hey, remember Nathan Sproul, owner of a series of voting registration concerns that keep turning in bogus voter registrations, tossing Demo registration forms, and generally being a scumbag douche-nozzle? Well, he’s got a new corporate name for playing the same game. This tar-and-feathers shortage is a bummer!

Another clueless plutocrat moment with M’Lord Willard of Romney: “We don’t have people that become ill, who die in their apartment because they don’t have insurance”. No, I’m not kidding. He said that like he meant it.

But wait, There’s more! If you order right now, he’ll throw in a one time Romnesty™ for those pre-existing conditions he claimed his repeal of “Obamacare” would absolutely cover. Maybe he should talk to himself and get his stories straight?

Here’s a fun-filled statement from a Romney campaign worker:  “I’ll tell you what really need to do with these illegitimate families on welfare—give all the kids up for adoption and execute the parents”. Yes, this IS the emerging mainstream GOP attitude, folks.

It gets better: Ryan had to un-endorse a Wisconsin Republican candidate who made “some girls rape so easy” remarks. The company you keep, Paul! Don’t you have ANY nice friends?

Yesterday the GOP Sewing Circle & Obama is a Muslim Club managed to disclose the classified location of CIA assets in Benghazi, Libya. Gosh, I know Issa & Co. deserve public beheadings just in general, but do they have to be so damned clueless about outing the CIA all the time? It’s supposed to be a secret! Knock it off, you morons!

Fact: in life there are unpleasant realities and inconvenient truths, and M’Lord Willard of Romney  simply refuses to acknowledge them. The way his through-the-looking-glass views keep changing he must spend all day running between the bottle labeled “DRINK ME!” and the little cake with “EAT ME!” written on it.

Taxes? He says he’ll cut them for everyone/everyone except the rich/whatever the audience wants to hear AND it won’t add to the deficit at all! Even though the Bush tax cuts are the single biggest driver of the deficit now, he says he can cut even more and not have money problems. The problem is, without funds provided by the taxes (that nobody likes) you get no law enforcement, roads, national defense, no NOTHING in the way of essential government functions. GOP/Mittco can stroke off to the myths about makers and takers and moochers all day, but, unless you want to live in a “Road Warrior” society, you gotta have taxes.

What ‘War on Women’? Romney says abortion legislation isn’t on his agenda at all/he’ll defund Planned Parenthood on Day One/he’ll appoint Supreme Court justices that will overturn Roe v. Wade AND it won’t hurt women at all! Without birth control including, as a last resort, abortion (something nobody likes) women are turned into statutory baby factories (even if raped, should the Romney/Ryan crowd get their way). You can sermonize about who should or shouldn’t have sex (at last count it still takes two to tango), but when it comes down to it, women having control of their own medical decisions and bodies is the essence of individual freedom that you hear a lot of cheap GOP quacking about; the alternative is right out of “The Handmaid’s Tale“.

There are just two choices in 2012: take the blue pill and choose to deny reality in the abstract and join M’Lord Willard and the GOP/Teabag delusionals, or the red pill and choose to deal with the real world and the stuff in it like non-insane higher mammals. It’s a very simple choice for me, but I don’t have invisible friends in the sky, wear magic underwear or watch Fox News. Call me a pragmatic realist.

… And a P.S:  Joe, punch that asshole twerp Ryan in the throat tonight. Please. His faction is going to kill a lot of people if they get back into the White House now, before we fix their mess up again.


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