A Land of Opportunity (even for freaks)

Paul Ryan: then… and NOW!

It is truly inspiring to be an American today, where even a former child actor can hope to be Vice-President when he grows up. After CBS cancelled The Munsters, Paul Ryan, then 14, suffered a fate that befalls many child actors: typecast as Eddie Munster, he was offered no other roles. The going was rough for almost two decades, but he supported himself doing odd jobs. Then in 1989, a chance meeting with none other than Danny Bonaduce (of Partridge Family fame) set him on a new career path. That night Bonaduce had advised him to “Suck it or get out of my car, you freak!!!”. With that advice to guide him, Ryan kissed his immortal soul goodbye and started sucking very hard indeed on the corporate knob that was professional GOP politics. He would never again go wanting for mouthwash!

The Mojave Spaceport sounds like a jumping place these days.

Duck everyone! Another asteroid makes a close pass today.

I’m going to be paying closer attention to flower pots from now on.

The mystery of the inconstant rise of the seas between 2010 and 2011.

Why are there so many toys and treats in this countdown of 15 accidental inventions? Lower barrier of entry in those markets?

Speculations on the time travelers among us from Inexplicata. Time travel was on Arthur Clarke’s list of “Things That Can Never Be Done”.

Another beautiful mind? Ettore Majorana, rising star of Italian physics, just disappeared in 1938. Some assume he committed suicide but no body was ever found.  A 2008 Italian television show suggested that he’d started a new life in South America, but we’ll never know for sure. You never see him and Elvis together, though.

Do an image search on Google for “completely wrong”Fox News isn’t amused… and smells CONSPIRACY! They better get their meds adjusted.

Josh Barro dishes the final word on M’Lord Willard of Romney’s tax plan malarkey. The Romney-Ryan campaign is calling op-eds and blog posts “studies” that PROVE his pipe dream will work, but sadly, well, they don’t really say what he says they do.

Wow, a hooker & blow rolled into one! Sorry, McMittens, Lindsay Lohan just endorsed you! I wanted to disinfect just from reading her name.

Wall Street’s forgotten victims have some advice for you. It starts with “meet your Dad”. The guilt-trip can start then.

Andrew Leonard makes his pick for the biggest lie from last night’s VP debate.

I had almost forgotten what a steaming pile of hypocritical, narcissistic weasel poop Ryan was… but then he opened his lying mouth and it all came back to me. False public piety is one of the most reliable triggers for my contempt, so I felt very privileged to watch Paul Ryan act all weepy about helping the less fortunate last night.  You know, those “moochers” he’s railed about so many times?

Contrast Ryan’s crap-artist concern for the “least among us” with the sick sadistic fantasy of his utterly disastrous budget plan: screwing Grannies out of their health care safety net so he can air-drop bales of money on the wealthy, corporations & etc.   An unmarked grave in unhallowed ground is too good for him.


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