“All for One!” (as long as I’m the One)

Don’t mourn, organize!” It’s always a good time to reflect on the life and legacy of Joe Hillpoet, song writerIWW organizer. Despite being framed for murder in Utah and being executed by firing-squad after a sham trial, he kept his sense of humor to the end. In his last letter, he asked Big Bill Haywood: “Could you arrange to have my body hauled to the state line to be buried? I don’t want to be found dead in Utah“. He was fearless, kept it light, and absolutely would not stop organizing workers to fight against the same patrician oligarchy we see beginning to re-emerge. With the Takers at the top holding more assets than the remaining 90% combined, we need Joe Hills now more than ever.

This time it’s the Chief Economist at Moody’s declaring the Romneytronic™ Tax plan to be unworkable. What’ll it take, St. Ronnie from on high?

Which M’Lord Willard of Romney will greet us today? Now they’re running an add criticizing cuts to government spending. Make up your minds, M’Lord!

Have you tried the new, improved Moderate Mitt™He’s absolutely guaranteed to tell you things that aren’t true 24/7/365 or no money back!

Here’s another endorsement M’Lord Romney could have done without: Jerry Sandusky. Company you keep, ’nuff said*.

No, the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are NOT the same. Lots in common, but take their attitudes toward women, for example.

How can we be sure the Taliban hasn’t infiltrated the Republican party? They share so many goals, including turning the clock back to a time that never was.

Have you considered the risks involved in being a Democrat in this day and age? I don’t like to consider being shot at one of them, but there it is. Evil doesn’t work for free in America, and Citizens United lets the Kochs and Banksters  and corporate psychopaths legally pick up the tab. Once the GOP got it’s fascism all ‘wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross’, their ‘base’ can be convinced that any tactic is justified.

Why are people so damned easy to manipulate, anyway?

We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and some students in Florida are restoring a Nike surface-to-air missile to commemorate it. “The irony is a lot of these kids are Cuban,” said George T. Baker principal Sean Gallagan. “And if this missile was used as it was intended a lot of these kids wouldn’t be here.” A little irony can be a good thing.

Didja hear the one about the hugenormous eyeball that washed ashore in Florida? Looks like it came from a swordfish. “What big eyes you have!”

Meanwhile, a robot sub is mapping the Antarctic under the ice-cap. Watch out for the krakens, little sub!

This new tentacle-bot is freaky weird. It looks like a much more personal appliance to me.

For the love of Bast, keep your cat well-fed and be glad they aren’t much bigger: they are killing machines!

There’s been an annoying headline,”Fears grow that Syria may shut down Internet“, that’s been at the top of my Syria/Aleppo news section for the last few days. I’m old enough to remember life without digital communications being pretty livable, so on first blush this all sounds like a #firstworldproblem punchline. I can’t help but picture the cartoon dictator gloating “Without Porn the revolution will CRUMBLE! Mwuahahahah!” while twirling his mustache and disconnecting the Interwebs plug.

I know the ‘net has been very important  during the last few year of unrest, revolts and throwing-off of hereditary despots and military regimes throughout the region.  “The whole world is watching!” really has no meaning when they can’t watch, and that’s where the power of the Internet comes in. Still, the list of fears for the Syrian rebel of my imagination goes on the order of “low ammo/food/water/medical supplies; death by artillery, air-strikes, snipers; traitors; global apathy; cholera… Oh, and loss of internet service. Yeah, that would really suck, too”. Yeah. Not as much as continued international inaction or the constant air raids, but, yeah.

*Yes, I know it’s a parody. How much better is it than Lindsay Lohan though, am I right? 


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