Return of the Shape-Shifting Clown!

6,000? 9,000? 13,000? Just which orifice are Creationists pulling their estimates for the age of the Earth out of, anyway?

Extraterrestrial War: Dinosaur Era spawns World War III scenario“, as reported at, ponders whether it possible that an Extraterrestrial War involving humans and aliens lead to the detonation of a weapon on Earth, which then resulted in the mutations of a population of dinosaurs into shape shifting-enabled entities? (Answer: not so much). It’s a plot-line as feasible as any recent GOP tax plan!

How can anyone believe M’Lord Romney will “get tough with China” when he won’t talk to the workers of Bain-owned Sensata, who’s jobs he is shipping to China? It’s almost as likely as the Examiner article above.

Billionaire William Koch, the financier of many brands of evil, is facing a lawsuit in federal court from a former top-level employee who claims the energy mogul lured him to a secluded property, where he was imprisoned and interrogated for a period of time, according to a report in Courthouse News. Those little people complain about everything!

While Governor of Massachusetts, M’Lord McMittens  diverted Medicaid funds from health care for the needy and into the state’s general fund with a classic shell-game. The Wall Street Journal labeled such financing mechanisms “Medicaid Money Laundering” and a “swindle.” Just another punk-ass GOP grifter, I tell you!

Steven King’s exasperated screed against the greedy rich folks, “Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!”, will remain one of those classic comic political reads long after the 2012 elections. And he means that stuff about lighter fluid, too!

“Politicians are products, my friend!”: E. J. Dionne on how M’Lord Willard of Romney’s unpopular policies will keep him flipping-flopping like a fish out of Dom Perignon until election day cometh.

As Dubya once stammered: “Thanks for blaming the black guy!”. Keep focused on the fact that it was the Afghanistan/Iraq wars and the Bush tax cuts (not food stamps, Pell grants and PBS) that drove the deficit to new heights. Thanks, GOP, for all you’ve done to us!

Speaking of Dubya, Beachcomber has a good look at the long history of inventing pretexts for war. Can’t have those “Mission Accomplished” moments without a war to hang them on, can you?

“It’s all a Big Gay Plot!!” shrieks the  American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, and the poor dear’s nearly fainted over the SPLC’s “Mix It Up at Lunch” program. Maybe Bryan is just a little butt-hurt over being “outed” as the leader of a hate group?

There is harm, however—intellectual harm, historical harm, and moral harm—in attributing to Darwin a startling majority of the 20th century’s tragedies.” Paul Johnson’s new book on Darwin starts out factual, then veers off into the Crazy that we’ve all heard (and refuted) before.

In “Times Like These Are Different“, Paul Krugman thumbs his nose at the squawking of the deficit hawks (who thumb their noses at evidence-based economic theory). Austerity only exacerbates economic contraction when your back is against the zero lower bound, but borrowing is basically free now, so use cheap money to get demand going again.

NBC reports on a large geoglyph found in Russia that could predate the Nazca lines by a thousand years. Graffiti of the Gods?

The Internet Archive has a great collection of old-time radio programs. Inner Sanctum, various sci-fi adaptations and more. Gotta love that public domain!

Loren Coleman investigates the odd synchronicities surrounding October 13 throughout history. He also points out some interesting overlaps between Jack Kirby, the Argo movie, and bigfoot. It’s a small, entangled universe, indeed.


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