Romney Pledges to Overturn 13th Amendment

You might call the situation a bit tense along the Syria-Turkey border. Both sides have banned the other’s flights from their airspace. Turkey has moved tanks and surface-to-air missiles to positions along their shared 600 mile border.

The Assad regime in Syrian is denying the use of cluster bombs against it’s citizens, just like any brutal dictatorship would. Human Rights Watch has released a report that clearly establishes Assad’s use of cluster munitions against civilians. Predictably, Russia continues to deny that any Russian-made cluster munitions are being used in Syria. The video below clearly shows the remains of Russian-made RBK-series cluster bombs and AO-1SCh bomblets.

Compare the case markings on the cluster bombs with this munitions identification guide. These are easily confused with bread baskets, aren’t they?

Behold Golem Krang, the navy-funded Georgia Tech robot designed to be able to improvise it’s way out of sticky  situations with whatever it finds on-hand.

This being an election year, Oklahoma Department of Health has purely coincidentally decided to not renew Planned Parenthood’s contract to provide services under the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program. No hint of partisan political influence at all. None. Whatsoever.

Ex-workers at pharmacy firm tied to meningitis outbreaks report almost total disregard for safety: ‘This line is worth more than all your lives combined, so don’t stop it.’ Corporations say the shittyest things.

And the acorn falls not far from the tree:  Republican Senate candidate Tommy Thompson’s campaign says his son apologizes for suggesting voters in the fall election should send President Barack Obama back to Kenya. (Note: to understand this classic gem of GOP humor one must understand:

  1. That the President is dark complected, and a lot of dark complected people live in Kenya, which is in Africa, and
  2. That a plurality in the GOP are the racist offspring of siblings or cousins ).

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in West Columbia, South Carolina this morning to address the national convention of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, where he promised he would nominate judges to the Supreme Court that would overturn the 13th Amendment. To thunderous applause, Romney shouted “I am proud to be a racist white man… and I love lynchings!” and vowed to beat his own slaves twice as hard once elected.

Meanwhile, Romney’s vice-presidential running-mate, Paul Ryan, was down in  Greenville to attend the opening ceremonies at the new Holocaust Denial Museum, where he clowned for the cameras and threw a bean-bag “stone” through a simulated Jewish shop-keeper’s window in one of the museum’s many “hands-on” exhibits.


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