DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional, Romney to Gay Marry His Sons

The Federal Appeals Court in New York has ruled that the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional. Straight marriage may vanish overnight to hear some talk about it. Gotta wonder about them.

The Boy Scouts of America’s “perversion files” have been made public after a protracted legal battle. It wasn’t until 2010 that Boy Scouts adopted a policy requiring local scout leaders to report sex-abuse allegations directly to law enforcement officials. Previously, such accusations were reported up the Boy Scouts’ chain of command, to its Texas headquarters, where the allegations usually were handled internally and in secret.

M’Lord Willard of Romney really needs a binder full of compassion. Even a shred of decency would be a start.

Cult film star Sylvia Kristel has died of cancer at age 60. She is perhaps best remembered for her starring role in the 1974 soft-porn movie Emmanuelle.

At long last! The details of Romney’s tax plan have been released… just in time for another actual study to conclude the Romney tax plan will cost TRILLIONS over 10 years, best case. It won’t add much to the deficit once he murders Big Bird.

Ben Stein, noted conservative monotonist, had a moment of utter clarity on Fox & Friends this morning: “The evidence is that there is no connection between the level of taxation and the level of economic activity,” he pointed out. “The biggest growth we’ve ever had in this country was roughly 1941 to roughly 1973, that was the best years we ever had and those were years of much, much higher taxes than we have now, during war time and during peace time. So, the economy can grow very fast, even with much higher taxes. And we’re going to have to do something.” What’s next, support for evolution?

Mitt Romney wants employers to tell their ignorant peons employees how to vote. He’s right that it’s not illegal, but it is  indicative of his very radical view of America: The Boss is God.

Tucker Carlson tries to find some comparison between Candy Crowley and John Wilkes Booth, continuing to feed the “Tucker Carlson is a dick” meme.

China was a punching-bag in the second presidential debate, but even their economy is cooling sharply.  China reported a slowdown in growth for the seventh consecutive quarter, as the economy only expanded by 7.4 percent—the slowest pace since 2009.

Jerome ‘OBAMA IS A QUEER GAY-MARRIED BREITBART-CORONER-MURDERING MUSLIN’ Corsi is flying around on M’Lord Willard’s campaign plane, presumably trying to open the windows.

Did M’Lord Rmoney use the same baby name book as Palin? The vile Tagg, son of Mitt, got in a snit and wanted to “take a swing” at the President! What a fucktard, Obama would kick his skinny white butt, magic underwear or no.

Not a bad conspiracy: Look out, Assad! It really looks like shoulder-fired missiles are in rebel hands.

How Cthulhu works, just in case you wondered.


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