Mittmento: Lest We Forget

“Romnesia” meets “Mittmento”: because it can’t all be about ‘binders of women’… unless we’re talking about the GOP!

Michael Shaw comments on the difference between images of Clinton jogging or Bush clearing brush on his Texas ranch and Paul Ryan’s fake dishwashing at the soup kitchen.  The fact that the charity running the soup kitchen has taken a big hit from their Republican former donors now that they’ve expressed an objection to being used by the Rmoney/Ryan campaign this way also says what’s wrong with the GOP in general. Do those Republicans care about hurting the poor? No, not even a little, the selfish bastards!

The new Gilded Age is roaring down on us! More on our KochBro/GOP future: Citizens United brought us the strange new world where “corporations argue that it is a constitutionally protected use of corporate ‘resources’ to order employees to do political work or attend campaign events — even if the employee opposes the candidate or is threatened with being fired for failure to do what the corporation asks”. What’s wrong with it besides being very wrong and very UN-AMERICAN?

Dinesh D’Souza, that strident advocate for GOP philosophy and traditional family values, has resigned his day job as a capital-C Christian college president. Here’s why.

Being a dumbass knows no party affiliation: Richard Carmona (D-Ariz) apologized for telling a male moderator that he is prettier than Candy Crowley during a debate with  his opponent in the Senate race, Republican Rep. Jeff Flake. If Jeff Flack wasn’t Jeff Flake, a denier of lunches to poor school-children, I’d say Carmona should lose.

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-GoFuckHimself) reserves an even crappier room in Hell (without WiFi) by exponentiating his “health of the mother has become a tool for abortions any time, under any reason” claim by accusing his Democratic opponent Tammy Duckworth of blaming victims of sexual assault in the military. Walsh has previously criticized Duckworth, who lost both of her legs as a helicopter pilot in Iraq, for talking about her military service — saying that “true heroes” don’t talk about it. Maybe we should all not talk about it when Reality decides to blot the completely un-heroic Rep. Joe Walsh (R-TotalWasteOfSkin) from existence and consider the world a better place for it.

Hundreds of people turned out for Monday night’s Springfield, MO City Council meeting to speak about a nondiscrimination ordinance. This pastor’s fiery speech against gay rights in Missouri packed quite a sucker punch at the end :


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