How Long is a Piece of String?

George McGovern, 1972 White House hopeful, has died at the age of 90.

No zombie apocalypse… YET! The Russian science team reports no organisms found so far in samples from the long-sealed Lake Vostok in Antarctica. But of course they would deny it!

What’s the frequency, Kenneth? “Nearly the entire East coast of America as far West as the New Madrid fault line is now under HAARP attack with frequency magnitude readings in the 5 to 7 range”!!! ZOMG!!! Frequencies and magnitudes and HAARP, oh my!

In other crank news: Top Secret photos of base on the Moon carelessly leaked. Has anyone seen Gingrich lately?

What could possibly go wrong? The family of M’Lord Willard of Romney has purchased control of the electronic voting machines that will be used in the 2012 elections in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington and Colorado. Does this raise issues of election integrity to anyone else, I mean more than unverifiable electronic voting machines already do?

Are you frustrated with your normal, average life? Why not make a lifestyle change in response to a disease you don’t really have? Won’t that set you apart?

Just what constitutes an “assault weapon”? This has been the subject of an ongoing disagreement, so bear with me. The claim is made that nothing in this picture is an “assault weapon”… based on the language of the long expired federal assault weapons ban definition (technically it’s the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994” or “Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act”, as if firearms need protection). A gun-nut wants to argue that the uselessness of the AWB language illustrates the stoopidness of “gun grabbers” and infringes on a 2nd Amendment right to self defense.

I’m of the opinion that the AWB was watered down to cover only 19 models of weapons or so due to the influence of the NRA “death lobby”, that the AWB is pretty far off from a definitive specification of what an assault weapon is and that high-capacity mayhem machines are as different from legitimate civilian firearms as a flamethrower or a bazooka (private ownership of which are already subject to further restrictions, and wisely so) weapon of mass destruction is. The silly point about a right of self defense existing in the 2nd Amendment (ain’t there, look it up if you need to) can be chalked up to bad rhetoric from an agitated gun extremist.

The operative phrase in the 2nd Amendment, what the rest of the clause is predicated on is “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state”; that’s what it says, no matter what the NRA tries to tell you. Gun nuts and extremist justices try very hard to ignore that critical point. As it is now, anyone coached to “just say NO” to every question on the firearms purchase form can buy pretty much whatever weapons they want (in the way of non-full auto weapons) without limit under current laws. Hell, the NRA has successfully lobbied so that even people on a terrorism watch list can buy guns. Doesn’t that worry anyone or call into question the motives of the NRA? Couple that with the “gun show loophole” to background checks and you get a bunch of loonies with assault weapons running around, something I am firmly against. That does not enhance the “security of a free state” in any way.

The language employed in the graphic (“because of the way they look”, “profiling”) is a shallow attempt to equate guns with  civil rights. “Appearance”, my ass. Civil liberties generally support that whole life/liberty/pursuit of happiness thing, not mowing down herds of people. It’s a matter of which weapons are designed to throw many bullets at human targets without reloading that makes them assault weapons. The distinction is obvious to even the most mentally challenged gun nut, ie the one that wants to get his hands on an assault weapon. They know the difference all too well.

It’s like the old saw about those running for office being the last ones you want in power: if you want to be able to mow down crowds of people, you probably shouldn’t have access to weapons that enable that sort of bad manners. I’m pretty sure that these radical gun-nuts have watched too many re-runs of “Red Dawn” or have other issues (like a kool-aid addiction). Why do they all want to be Patrick Swayze, anyway? It’s a pathology.

Yeah, I’m an “1911” kinda guy, and you just don’t need more than 8 rounds to take down an ‘Evil-Doer’. I’m sure revolver people think you don’t need more than 6. Glocks, the handgun preferred by mass-shooting perps over the last two decades, pack 14 rounds or so.  It’s very definitely a matter of degree, and that degree does make a difference and that’s what should be discussed: how much damage should a single crazy be able to do in a fit of rage?

Do I want to outlaw Glocks? Nahhh, but I would like to keep mental cases and malefactors that want to enhance their ability to do harm from owning them. Maybe they’re mad about women, minorities, lib’rals, youth culture, a small penis, whatever….  We could just start the filtering the people that argue there’s no difference between a semi-auto carbine with a 100 round snail clip and a single-shot muzzle loader (if you want to take it to a consistent  “original intent” constitutional test, eh Scalia?): they just don’t think straight, and combined with a high capacity firearm, that’s a very bad mix.


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