We’re Up For Round Three!

Will Rmoney remember that other countries are watching the debate tonight, or will he insult our closest allies again? My guess is that for the last week they’ve had him hooked up to electrodes and shocked him every time said anything about any country except Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, China or Russia.

Yes indeed! This is one presidential debate scenario I’d pay some serious money to see.

When M’Lord Willard answers the question “Do you have any Grey Poupon?”, I’ll bet the answer looks like this. It’s just like asking if there’s room in his budget for the social safety net.

M’Lord Mittens’ “blind trust” may have 20/20 vision, but placing blind trust in Romney, not so much.

While we’re all trying to parse the rhetoric, jingoism and prevarications in tonight’s foreign policy debate these Oxford University academics are trying to decode the proto-Elamite script, used between around 3200BC and 2900BC. I’m not sure whose job will be harder.

Have you ever wondered about the secret ceremonies performed inside a Mormon temple? Wanna see some covert video of one? It’s just another kooky religion like all the rest.

Russell Means, founding member of AIM, has died at 72 of esophageal cancer. A NYT obituary is here.

The Pope finally named a Native American saint! Welcome, St. Catherine Tekakwitha, ‘Lily of the Mohawks’.

Yet another mass shooting in Wisconsin. “On October 18, a court injunction was issued barring Haughton from possessing firearms, and he was ordered to hand over any weapons he had to the county sheriff”. I guess they just gave him too much time to get around to that. Next time send a deputy to pick them up.

Police say a costumed 9-year-old girl was accidentally shot outside a home during a Halloween party by a relative who thought she was a skunk. It might be time to remove Cousin Hairtrigger’s guns, what say?

That sun-block that prevents sunburns but tends to catch fire instead has been recalled.

Chris Matthews. Bill O’Reilly. Helium. Fun.


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