Good News, Everyone!

The latest DARPA Challenge: robotic systems for functioning in human environments. This time the challenge is two track: hardware and software, tackling such basic tasks as opening a car door and climbing in.

A new software defined radio, the HackRF, is almost ready for broad-band (100 megahertz to 6 gigahertz), open source fun!

All hail the pea aphid: the first known probably photosynthetic animal! And XKCD looks at the math of photosynthetic cows, just for fun.

When visitors arrive at Edmonton International Airport in Alberta, Canada, they are greeted by a 1,440 square foot living wall. Arranged like a modern art canvas with 8,000 plants encompassing 32 different species, it is the largest living wall inside any building in the world.

Vice presents another grifter trying to palm off another flimsy piece of birther horse-shit. It’s an October cottage industry, apparently.

LiveScience’s list of the “Top Ten Conspiracy Theories“. The Moon Landing Hoax only made #7??? It’s a conspiracy!

Andrew Sullivan wonders what alternative reality Peggy Noonan occupies now. Does she even believe the stuff she makes up, or is it all just cynical ink-slinging at the sunset of her career?

How far can one go to propagate a discredited theory in this day and age? Well, meet the Flat Earth Society, willing to say and do anything to defend their dearly held beliefs. Hah! How can the Earth be flat? Everybody knows that it’s really hollow!

Good news, everyone! 45-year-old Radcliffe Haughton, the latest Wisconsin mass-shooter, purchased his .40 cal semiautomatic handgun LEGALLY two days after the court ordered him to surrender his guns. He shot 7 women in the spa, killing his wife and two others, before ending his own useless life, but I’m sure the victims and their families will all feel much better knowing the mass-shooter followed the letter of the law in obtaining the means to act out his irrational rage. Thank the NRA for that “private seller” loophole on background checks and waiting periods! Of the 20 times police had been called to his address, at least 7 had been to investigate domestic violence complaints, none ending with arrests.

CNN observed:

“The spa where Sunday’s shooting took place is about half a mile from a Sheraton hotel where a gunman killed seven people and himself in March 2005. Terry Ratzmann, 44, burst into a service being held by a Living Church of God congregation and fired 22 rounds before shooting himself”.

Only two mass shootings within a mile, within a decade? And with all those Commu-Nazi gun restrictions already in place? IT’S TYRANNY!!!

Nutjobs with guns much? The hand-painted sign in front of Gayle and Sheila Muh’s modest home read: “Trespassers Will Be Shot. Survivers [sic] Will Be Reshot!! Smile I Will”, but the seven-year-old these upstanding citizen-patriots gunned down won’t be smiling ever again.

Apparently the Muhs got tired of waiting for blind trespassers and thought having guns meant they could just shoot whoever they wanted and nothing could stop them (they got that last part right).  They won long prison stays for their gun-freedom empowered outlook, but only after the fact: she ended up getting a life sentence, he got just 20 years for being slightly less murderously crazy.

Like the warning labels on every pack of cigarettes, their story and pictures should be on every box of ammo and NRA mailer.

Well, here’s a ‘unicorn chaser‘ after all this bummer reality stuff.


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