Cui bono?

As Hurricane Sandy scourges the just and unjust alike, preacher and tax-free total fuck-turd John McTernan blames Teh Gayz for it, citing God’s fondness for the number 3. Just keep walking and don’t make eye contact, okay?

Filthy, dirty “dark money”: Documents found in Colorado meth house reveal inner workings of Montana dark money group. This would concern a “social welfare” nonprofit called Western Tradition Partnership doing hatchet jobs for GOP candidates. Maybe it was a “family-values friendly” meth house?

Oops! Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN), famous for outing himself for demanding a former patient/mistress get a traditional family values abortion to save his marriage, now has a second alleged former patient/mistress saying they used to smoke pot while adulterously screwing like nutria. I must have missed that plank in the GOP platform, and I’d approve if the hypocrisy didn’t get in the way.

Banking on Romney? Well, sometimes the devil is in the details, cui bono, and all that stuff. It appears that after all Obama has done for them, the banksters think Romney will be willing to pimp us out even more. Just look at where the Romney bucks come from:

Romney on disaster relief: “We can’t afford to do those things“. Okay, so we can afford tax cuts for the rich to the tune of  half a trillion or so a year , but disaster relief is just asking too darned much? That doesn’t sound like the America I grew up in. Cake and guillotines, anyone?

Joss Whedon gets the last word on social priorities, solidly endorsing Romney:


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