The Morning After Sandy

One day into Hurricane Sandy’s landfall and the damage is widespread: at least 15 28 many dead, millions without electricity. 80 homes burned in NYC after flood-sparked fires. Time’s photographers capture images of the disaster.

The New York Times notes that “A Big Storm Requires Big Government” and details the recent history of playing GOPolitics with disaster preparedness and response.

Obama has suspended campaigning to concentrate on relief efforts. Someone should tell M’Lord Willard that it’s bad taste to conflate his “victory rally” in Ohio this morning with a “disaster relief event”, during which he refused to respond to questions about saying he wanted to do away with FEMA (Doh!). The Mittster has had to clarify his statement that federal disaster relief is “immoral”. Again. I didn’t see anything unclear about what he said.

“I don’t give a damn about Election Day. It doesn’t matter a lick to me at the moment. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.” Real big fish NJ Gov. Christie finally says something I can agree with. Is it a sign of the End Times?

Be sure to follow #MittStormTips for important safety information. First tip: stock up on housekeepers and don’t trust M’Lord Mittens to care one whit what happens to you.

There’s a new twist in the conviction of six Italian scientists for failure to warn of an earthquake. A phone tap indicates that word came from above to issue a reassuring statement downplaying the risks.

Nature really is (obviously of late) not always our friend: Lake Nyos burped and killed 1500+ people in one night in 1986.

We doan’ need no steenkin’ regulations! The Massachusetts Department of Health has released documents dating back more than a decade that revealed a series of regulatory citations involving NECC. The ongoing fatal outbreak of fungal meningitis can be traced to the failure of then-Gov. Mitt Romney to adequately regulate NECC. The Massachusetts pharmaceutical company is accused of not testing lab equipment properly, failure to sterilize medications and repeatedly shipped orders without confirming that the lots had been sterilized. The owners of NECC have made campaign donations both to Romney and to Massachusetts Republican senatorial candidate Scott Brown, according to Salon.

When they aren’t killing us, microbes can do some other neat tricks, like forming themselves into “electrical cables” several centimeters long.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain’s supplemental motor area can reproduce tics seen in Tourette’s Syndrome. Just in case you wanted that.

Candy? A Packers schedule? Note Ryan’s compassionate  approach to the citizen that can’t find work or any sense in Ryan’s stated positions:


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