Spontaneous Generation

What happens if you give a thousand tablet PCs to rural Ethiopian kids who have never even seen a printed word? Within four minutes, the first PC is unboxed and turned on. In two weeks the kids are using 47 apps per day per child. Within five months, they’ve hacked Android, circumventing security to customize settings and activate disabled hardware. The concise is at Dvice. Children work great if you are careful not to break them.

(Giles is the vice president of product design at Chrysler, Trump still has no known use).

The Economist says America could do better than Barack Obama, but the multiple-personality disordered Mitt Romney does not get their support.

Chris Matthews mocks the Limpblob: ““He reminds me more of the guy from ‘Deliverance’ — ‘squeal like a pig’ — than anybody.”

Colorado geologist Bill Hay has a good idea why sea levels are rising at rates higher than IPCC predictions.

The Congressional Research Service has been forced to withdraw an economic report that showed no correlation between economic growth and top tax rates, a finding that conflicts with the GOP dogma that REALITY LIES!  The report examined the historical fluctuations of the top income tax rates and the rates on capital gains since World War II and concluded that those fluctuations did not appear to affect the nation’s economic growth.

Another Nobel-winning economist speaks out:  Joseph Stiglitz — an Obama critic — says “Romney’s plan is based on magic” and would be “disastrous”.

Not just another pretty plasma thruster! HyperV is croud-sourcing a new type of flexible and robust plasma propulsion system.

What? No armbands? Nate Silver did great modelling of the last presidential election, and this year he says Obama has better odds than Romney. So, of course, the GOP hacks call him effeminate, stop just short of questioning his Jewish heritage. They used to be so good at optics!

This should be a happy occasion! Remember to caution your wedding guests to refrain from flash photography and celebratory gunfire.

Gelatine and sorbital and glycerin, oh my! This witch make-up prosthetic had me scampering to google Matthew Mungle’s recipe, tools and techniques.

I find myself less outraged by summary executions of shabbiha thugs by Free Syrian Army forces than I probably should be. Armed regime loyalists have it coming to them in spades. I’d have probably have had them tied up spread-eagle on the roof of any remaining hospital or bakery in the zone and let the Assad forces finish them off with indiscriminate shelling and air-strikes, but that’s a question of taste. FSA victims get better treatment than captives of the Assad regime, who are routinely tortured before being killed. Yes, it’s a war-crime, but in comparison to Assad’s using cluster-bombs  and thermobaric munitions on civilians… it’s small potatoes. Get a room at the Hague, already, and let’s all do nothing to stop the slaughter for another year or so, what say?


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