PCB Toner Transfer: Parchment Rocks

I finally got some time today to assess a new (to me) twist on etching my own PCBs at home: the “toner transfer no-soak” method from Dustin Andrews’ instructable. The advantages of this method are it is 1) faster and 2) cheaper (two of my favorite things). I’d previously been using fairly expensive ink-jet photo paper for my transfers, but the new method uses baking parchment, which is MUCH cheaper.

Dustin’s method also included treating the copper-clad with tarnish remover, which seemed to work very well indeed. After a fairly cursory scrubbing and rinsing of the slab, I gave it just a wipe-down with the Tarn-X, rinsed&dried and got a very credible transfer of my design using a hot iron. No soaking and waiting for the photo-paper to slough off, just cooling the copper before peeling off the parchment, and voilá, a good transfer.

Now if I’d only remembered not to mirror the art work for the back of the board… but, like I said, it’s been a while.


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