I Am NOT Gloating

It was truly “Hell Night at Fox News” wasn’t it? They did everything but break down in tears, shouting “Oh, the humanity!!!”. I’m glad I was there to watch the fun unfold when Karl Rove, AKA “Bush’s Brain” AKA “Turd Blossom” AKA co-head of Crossroads GPS super-PAC that spent millions upon millions of dollars in ‘dark money’ to ensure M’Lord Willard was the next president, threatened to hold his breath until the entire country turned red when Fox News was the next-to-last news network to call the election for Obama (at 11:18PM Eastern, followed by ABC at 11:23)…

Just say it ain’t so, Karl!

Crooks And Liars sums up the outcome nicely:

Allen West is out, Chris Murphy & Alan Grayson are in. Scott Brown and deadbeat-dad Joe Walsh are out, Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Duckworth are in. You know things are bad for Republicans when their one bright spot is a narrow victory for Michele Bachmann. Democrats increase their numbers in the Senate from 51 to 54, win the Electoral College by over 100 votes (once Florida and others continue to come in), and the popular vote by (currently) more than 2.5 million votes (remember Bush called his 20,000 vote win in 2004 a “mandate”).

I turned in before any concession or victory speeches were made last night, or the popular vote from the western half of the country caught up . I fully expected to wake to headlines about court challenges and recounts and the GOP claiming that they wuz robbed and not having any closure on this thing for at least another week.

It just came down to this: most american voters deciding they had a better shot with Barak Obama than M’Lord Mittens and his Carnival of Greed. I think they made the right choice, and I’m happy about how it turned out.

No time for gloating, though. There’s plenty of hard work immediately ahead: knocking off the bullshit with the bogus debt-ceiling fight, getting serious about the budgetary sequestration  “doomsday” scenario, stopping GOP plans to raise taxes on the non-rich and getting past the pre-election posturing from the right.

The voting is over, folks. It’s time to get moving again.


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