Lessons Learned?

Every six seconds, for millions of years, comets have been colliding with one another near a star in the constellation Cetus called 49 CETI. Well, that would explain all the dust and gas hanging around it.

How can you be in two places at once? Quantum non-locality is the key to the wave-particle quantum quandary.

The “Terminator Arm“: the most advanced prosthetic to date. Cue the Steve Austin synthesizer riff!

Here’s an out-of-place artifact for you: Eskimo harpoon in the Irish Sea? They don’t ALL have to be from Ancient Astronauts, do they?

In brave new Microsoft patent, the TV watches you and charges you if too many are watching.

Guns. And drugs. And money. And drugs. And under-age girls. And John McAffee’s heart of darkness in Belize.

Florida Democrat Earl K. Wood and Alabama Republican Charles Beasley won their respective elections but they will not take office. As sometimes happens, the lesser of two evils turned out to be the dead guy.

Though Romney was spared the indignity of losing to the recently deceased, he was reportedly “shellshocked” on election night. “There’s nothing worse than when you think you’re going to win, and you don’t,” said another adviser. “It was like a sucker punch.”

What happened to the GOP? GOP strategist Lenny McAllister said Thursday that the problem involved both substance and style. “They haven’t been able to articulate the conservative Republican message without being insulting,” he said.

GOP fundraiser Ana Navarro told CNN, “Latinos were disillusioned with Barack Obama, but they are absolutely terrified by the idea of Mitt Romney” .

We sent (women) running back to the Democratic Party because they think we’re nutty,” Rep. Steve LaTourette said of comments about rape by Mourdock of Indiana and Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, conservatives who both lost Senate races Tuesday in states won by Romney. He attributed his party’s election failure on far-right viewpoints on social issues, saying the GOP needs to “get out of peoples’ lives, get out of their bedrooms.”

We had Republican candidates who got very high profile and said some very stupid things. I think that really tainted the party,” said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), who is retiring after this year, adding “People have personal beliefs, and what we need to do is fashion a party around the economics and the long-term viability of the economy of our country. When people start trying to go into such personal issues and then try to form a party around it, it’s very difficult.”

The “Old School” Republicans, those that remember that principled positions don’t usually fit on a bumper sticker, are ruing the day that the ‘Party of Lincoln’ climbed into bed with the Koch Brothers and the one-step-left-of-the-Klan Tea Party ‘base’ that they thought would return them to the seat of power. How can you possibly taint a party that based their campaigns on racism, misogyny, tried-and-failed “trickle down” economics, oligarchy and stupidity.

Thus, Sen. Claire McCaskill beat the stuffing out of Todd Akin after he blathered about “legitimate rape“. Freakish bully Rep. Allan West lost to an unknown 29-year-old challenger named Patrick Murphy (but is refusing to concede) because Murphy wasn’t a total ass-clown. After proclaiming that pregnancies caused by rape were part of “God’s plan”, Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock lost by more than 100,000 votes to Democratic opponent Rep. Joe Donnelly.

The lesson from Tuesday’s election is that the ‘Rabid Right’ and ‘One-Per-Centers’ that the GOP has surrendered its virtue to have interests and beliefs that aren’t in line with the majority of voters, no matter how much they spend to deny it. And they’d better think twice about trusting Karl Rove to do anything for them ever, ever again.

The GOP re-boot should start with not alienating most of the electorate right off the bat and coming up with some actually workable ideas on the economy, job creation, taxation,  foreign policy and actually leading for a change. If they want to survive as a national party they will have to accept that Reality polls very well and that pragmatism isn’t a dirty word, it’s the essence of politics. If this prompts a major schism in their numbers, so be it: let the crazies go off and start their own party, because the GOP is doomed if they remain dominant.


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