I love the smell of crazy in the morning!

ZOMG!!! Ashtar Command reports that “Obama Is Formally And Criminally Charged With Treason, By The U.S. Military, Again!“. The mainstream media conspiracy must be of COSMIC PROPORTIONS to contain this Earth-shattering news!!!!! Chelsea Clinton is no doubt dispatching death panels right now! TAKE COVER!!!!

Oh, wait… this is all just Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III’s ravings, isn’t it? The man’s got a long post-Court Martial legal history of being a (Lt. Cmdr, retired) general nut-cluster. Still, though, Ashtar Command is a very reputable source!

After Obama victory, shrieking white-hot sphere of pure rage is the early GOP front-runner for 2016 (TheOnion).

Meet Xenoceratops: Canada’s newest horned dinosaur!

Cheap generic boner pills for all, eh? Canada’s Supreme Court has declared Pfizer’s Canadian Viaga patent invalid. “Pfizer gained a benefit from the (Patent) Act — exclusive monopoly rights — while withholding disclosure in spite of its disclosure obligations under the act,” Justice Louis LeBel wrote on behalf of the court.

Two new mechanisms have been proposed to account for the wandering of Earth’s magnetic poles. No theory on the migration of electrostatic swedes yet.

A UC-Davis sponsored competition to build a better air conditioner spurs a design that’s 40% more efficient.

Just where are all those racist tweets about Obama’s re-election coming from?

Rep. Allen West (R-Clownville) is majorly butthurt that the judge wouldn’t place ballots and voting machines under martial law in Florida. It’s what you call a “dead-ender” behavior pattern.

“Job creators” throw hissy fits over election: one Las Vegas dirtbag allegedly fires 20% of his employeesOvertly fascist Romney backer Murray Energy fires 163, citing made-up “War on Coal”.

And like a scummy mine owner using the exact time of death to dock the pay of casualties of a mining disaster, Romney campaign aides cabbing it home late on election night found that their credit cards had already been cancelled. I salute fiscal responsibility, but shouldn’t he have waited until the next morning? See? I told you that guy was a dick.

You know all those “class action” lawsuits you are invited to join in that usually don’t amount to anything more for you than some coupons to patronize the business being sued? Well, we got a very pleasant surprise this morning: the class-action against Bank of Oklahoma (for manipulating the order that debits cleared to maximize their overdraft fees) resulted in us receiving a (much needed) check equivalent to several hours labor this morning! It’s a pittance compared to the thousands they rooked us out of over the years, but it was totally unexpected and a much needed financial band-aid. We might just make it to payday yet!


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