Liberty, Equality, Insanity!

George Takei, he’s our guy! Can we get him to run for office next time?

How about a new rule that if your state can’t count it’s ballots within a week, it doesn’t get to vote next time? New York and New Jersey get a pass due to inclement weather, but Florida and California, you’ve got to bring your “A-game”!

Okay, in retrospect, maybe that Romney facial tattoo was ill-advised.

The Feds raid the home of a Tennessee IT/general computer guy over allegation that he stole Romney’s tax returns. Their evidence: some pictures of cats.

Biotech: my bedroom or yours? MIT has the low-down.

Another crazy, this time in Arizona, got all apocalyptic over Obama. Holly Solomon reportedly ran over her husband with a Jeep for not voting; she believed her family was going to face hardship from President Barack Obama’s re-election. Another AM talk-radio/kool-aid related attack, or so it seems.

We’ve all met them, the head-in-the-sand types that will poo-poo the loss of arctic ice with “Yeah, well, it’s growing in the Antarctic!”, as if that undid the yearly global 10% loss of polar ice in some way.  Now a program of direct satellite observation (including U.S. military satellites) is confirming the global ice loss and telling us why it acts differently at the north and south poles.

Israel was feeling left out for so long, but now it’s returning fire at Syrian forces, too. One big happy family! Updated: yesterday was just a shot across the Syrian forces’ bow. Today they shot the offending “mobile artillery units” directly, with a tank. If anybody loved Assad’s Syrian regime more than they hated Isael, this would be a BIG problem. Take note, Russia and China!

India’s indigenous thorium reactor program may break ground for its first reactor next year.  Decades of hype in India may have dampened the mood, but if the country can finally follow through on their claims, what has for so long been the “technology of the future” may at last arrive in the present.

Okay, the John McAfee story keeps getting weirder: now he’s wanted for murder in Belize. The suspect may well be insane. Be careful not to confuse the subject with Danny Bonaduce, though you shouldn’t get in a car with either of them.

John McAfee

Danny Bonaduce


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