The Screen Door, Etc.

Here’s a “One Minute Physics” open letter to the President about physics education. Take note, Mr. President!

Is humanity losing its edge? Stanford’s Dr. Gerald Crabtree has ideas about selection pressures and genes responsible for, you know, brainy stuff and all that. He, didja catch the pro wrestling last night?

Nothing but Batboy and the facts: “20 State to Secede From the Union!“, the Weekly World News reports.

Have you read those pin-head petitions? I can’t believe the mimeographed drivel: “Pretty please, can we secede?”. That’s what mixing tea and kool-aid will get you: no class and no balls.  There are also competing petitions to strip the citizenship and exile everyone that petitions for secession. I signed both of those, fwiw. It’s exile or the Soylent Green pools for that crowd. Fuck them. The border is that-away, morons! Go. GO NOW!

Another “oops moment” for Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, as he backs away from all the ignorant secessionist talk fueled by Obama’s re-election. Now that he’s not pandering to the GOP/Tea Party Nutzies he can afford to sound sensible. I’m not fooled by it, but he is trying.

After all their brave talk about taking their country back, “the 47%” and secession tantrums … how come the red states are such a bunch of moochers?

Here’s a nice comparison of the U.S. and Britain using minimalist infographics from Brain Pickings.

Hey, didja know that the British have invaded 9 out of 10 countries? Got that? Invaded, not “petitioned”. Fish and chips are just the opening act.

Allan West is still not conceding defeat in the Florida House contest with Democrat Patrick Murphy. The issue has been clouded by unreliable, unauditable, untrustworthy electronic voting equipment, which may leave a hand re-count the only viable method of determining the actual winner (an approach that has worked just fine in the past).

Yesterday, a co-worker espoused the theory that the GOP old guard had purposely gerrymandered the FL-18 boundaries to get rid of West and his Tea Party ways. I’m guessing it was just some stupid shit that LimpBlob said on the radio. I didn’t bother asking what benefit they got by handing that seat to a Democrat, since one never gains anything by questioning a sinister conspiracy like that.

Back in April [2009], the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart offered some sound advice for frothing at the mouth Tea Baggers, “I think you might be confusing tyranny with losing”.


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2 Responses to “The Screen Door, Etc.”

  1. Jack Mahogg Says:

    Dude, I came here via google to check out your blog about toner transfer. Now that I see you are a politically-motivated low-information kinda guy, I think I’ll go elsewhere. Science should be free from anything to do with politics. You are a loser.

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