East is East and West is West

The body of Yassir Arafat has been exhumed and re-interred today to check for evidence of polonium poisoning.

Christian magazine has determined that sex with demons makes you gay. They must be doing it wrong, all I can say.

Non-news flash: kool-aid addicts buy more guns after re-election of black president, because he might steal all their guns for the U.N. this time!

Sweeping proclamation by Egypt’s new President Mohamed Mursi has inflamed the Egyptian people. They already had one revolution, he’d best mind his manners.

What? No implanted real-time GPS tracking? Saudi Arabia has a new tracking system that texts male “guardians” whenever one of their women crosses the border. For their own protection, of course!

Elon Musk has big plans for a Mars colony. He might have a lot of Saudi women volunteer.

Here’s 9 very greedy corporate CEOs who want to shred the social safety net while pigging out on corporate welfare.

Is Wal-Mart doing enough to rein in sweatshop factories and third world exploitation? 112 killed in Bangladesh factory fire raises some questions.

Neurologica weighs in on the Ketchum “Bigfoot” DNA analysis: “What can be recognized is the process of pseudoscience – anomaly hunting and then backfilling to the desired conclusion“.


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