It’s Not Easy Being Green

…except around the gills, for me, anyway. It’s a light post today. I’ve been down with a touch of the cold/flu/Black Death since day after Thanksgiving, but I’m getting better!

Bigfoot DNA sequencing announced. While Dr. Ketchum states that her team has sequenced 3 complete Sasquatch nuclear genomes and determined the species is some type of a “human hybrid”, some nagging questions remain to be answered.

Syrian government forces had some trouble telling the difference between a playground and a rebel command post, cluster bombs kill 10 children. Mr. Assad, the Hague is calling, like, again!

All those voting problems in Florida weren’t an accident: former GOP chair, governor – both on outs with party – say voter fraud wasn’t a concern, but reducing Democratic votes was. USA! USA!!

The Guardian presents a tale of growing food in the desert using sea-water, the conflict between a purist inventor and the investor/executive and the divergent paths of  Seawater Greenhouses and Sundrop Farms.

Reports out of New Mexico indicate that growers of an illicit crop are increasingly going green, using solar power to keep their operations off-the-grid and under the radar of law enforcement.

Go Montana! Montana activists file marijuana legalization initiative for 2014… if there is a 2014, that is.

Dryland farmers work wonders without irrigation in the rain shadow of the Casades.

The secret of the Namib Desert Beetle is being used to produce a water bottle that fills itself from thin air.

“Deep learning” and artificial intelligence are making rapid advances and Georgia Tech is working out the kinks in getting robots to work together, so it’s about time that Cambridge University is opening the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) to evaluate those “Terminator” technologies that could render us extinct.

More good news/bad news: the CDC reports a 5% drop in the number of abortions in this country, the steepest annual decline in a decade.  Mississippi reported the fewest abortions… but has the highest teen birthrate in the country.


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